Player Feedback: Tergius

Heya, you can usually see me playing on Sage late at night EST, as Edward Hanstring. I tend to play a medical role but I’ve played AI (A.E.G.I.S.) borg (Beepulon) and pAI (XERXES). I’ve on a few occasions played HoP as well. I hope I’m not utter pants to play with at least.

pretty sure ive seen you elsewhere, I remember AEGIS as being based but it may not be the same player

I don’t believe there’s been an AEGIS besides me. Good to hear I’m not utter shite at AI.

hmm yes
today i will shamelessly bump my player feedback thread

Alright lemme say some stuff about my playstyle.
I tend to be more or less a pacifist, only fighting in defense of myself and/or others. I’m trying to expand the roles I play but you can usually tell when I’m playing a role I’m unfamiliar with because I’ll be more timid than usual.
I pretty much always defer to the chain of command and/or more experienced colleagues.
I usually prefer not to be acting cap if I’m able to but I can rise to the position if needed. In the event that I’m put in command of the station I prioritize safety.
Edit: One more thing, on the rare occasion that I’m an antag that isn’t revenant, I HATE getting assassination objectives. Mostly I get antag anxiety, but unless I get the golden opportunity I’m usually going through a mix of “don’t get caught” and “I wonder what wacky gimmick I can do.”



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hey I play on sage so it’s ok