Player feedback: Sparrowbird611

I play plenty of different characters, and I’m sure you’ve seen at least one of them. I don’t really main any roles, so I usually bounce around most of the departments, though I generally avoid engineering, bartender, and chef. I mainly play MRP now.


Fears the night: Lizard, Most roles, though usually shaft miner, paramedic, roboticist, or security officer
breaks the spine: Lizard, mainly scientist
kemri longtalon: Lizard, primarily medical doctor, scientist, or research director
VIGILANCE: IPC, almost always as the quartermaster or chaplain (Hail carp’sie!)
PROTEUS: Artificial intelligence.
O.R.I.O.N Artificial intelligence.
TK-47 Cyborg/Android.

One word I can use to describe most of my experiences with all of sparrows characters
My first ever experience with sparrow was when a cultist accidentally got me confused with their target and told them to kill me
Most of the time I see then run around as different characters and what’s interesting about it is unlike most other people I can’t tell which characters are sparrows.
Also they helped save me on a changeling traitor round and when I got found out and burned they avenged me
Sparrow is amazing to encounter and the times they install a pAI are fun rounds

Too many characters, like 3 too many!!!

Aside that I saw and played with each one of them and I think this is a special kind of record by itself.

Sparrow is a loyal and fair player and each one of his incarnations is well thought and developed. The war between PROTEUS and ORION is very famous and I have heard even people suggesting rumours in which ORION have killed PROTEUS.

TK47 is a joy to have as a secborg. It will stop to listen, it will roleplay, it will discretely offer you his tips and if you, even in spite of clear evidence, will order him against its own idea it will obey you respecting its program. Plus it is a team player and this attribute, in security roles especially, is priceless.

Fears the Night is a solid miner. If she is not too busy stealing all the tendrils she will efficiently mine too! Plus she will have your back respecting the old miner’s motto “Miners never betray, so miners never die!”

Vigilance is a chaplain IPC, a very nice combination that I have just seen Sparrow doing and I’m sure that the more it will be played the more goodness will come out of it.

Longtalon is a humble RD who will try to do her job without showing too much off and I have heard rumours she has won the Nobel comparative for lizzie scientists, and that’s something!

A very solid all rounder!

The more you play with these characters, the more roleplay will come out of it!

Bloody hell smally! I started replying here first! Go back to studying for law school, instead of replying on forums!

Thank you both. I don’t specifically remember that cultist round, but it sounds fun. O.R.I.O.N is still displeased about you starting that rumor, dimitri.

One thing though. Fears the night is a guy.

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