Player feedback: Owen McShain

Returned to the land of the living

Not when im finished applying toolbox till horizontal

you can’t say the nword

Not sure if this is a legitimate player feedback or not but Owen is one of the nicest people on the server
He helped me defeat an AI that someone subverted
Went to space with me and gave me a chainsaw hand
During an extended round we sat around and drew with spray cans out of boredom
Kidnapped me to force me to help him with a game show twice both ending in unfortunate ways, one worse than the other
Took a ghost costume and coloured himself blue so the HoP would be after me when he stole their card
The point is Owen has dealt with me more hours than I can remember. and helped teach me most of the stuff I know just by watching him
He’s extremely nice and really good at the game


this man is cool

this man has also betrayed my trust more times than literally anyone else i’ve ever met on this server

yea, no, this cool kid hasn’t changed a bit

he’s the same old chum from all that time ago

Not gonna lie, you kind of annoy me a bit. Mainly because you were graytiding on MRP a bunch, while running around with a fire axe.

But generally, watching you play antag has been amusing, especially since you do the kidnapping and game shop gimmicks. A lot more interesting than watching a regular murderbone spree.

Oga mad because he’s being challenged instead of having his dick sucked by furries :^)

he’s one of the biggest instigators of the greytide, bastions of robustness, and has returned from a permanent ban for metacomms just to torment us once again

stop stealing my fucking flashes owen


Murdered me for not giving you glasses :100:

Sometimes plays warden

qualifies him to be a subhuman piece of filth

Owen is a great player and beyond that, is a great person.

On surface, his attitude and way of play may seem like the one of a dumb dumb and sometimes even a griefer, but never an impression has been farther from the truth.

He likes to troll, that’s sure. But as soon as the station faces real danger, you will find him on the first line fighting with his nails to keep it running, at all costs. Whatever it takes. He won’t surrender, he won’t stop, he simply won’t cease to try his best as long as he breathes.

Maybe he is too robust for his own good, a side that has not exactly made him popular among a lot of other players, but his heart is in the right place. He never abused another player in any malicious way and he has played for a long time, so that’s not a small feat or a minor detail.

He is a player that is a pleasure to see play, play with and a very dangerous threat to play against. If he is a traitor and he is against you… don’t lose even a minute.

In the chaos he will surely wake, if you do not secure anything that is remotely important, you will find your armoury empty, security bombed and that’s just for starting.

Playing along him is a guilty pleasure. And even if in that round you’re his target, prepare to be faced with a funny gimmick that will make you smile before being killed, because he will use his creativity to try to make you death funny for you too, instead of just bashing your head-in.


Didn’t know where Pubby’s Cargo is at