Player Feedback: midnight0gamer

Disclaimer: I have spread out the sentences to make reading easier on others.

Hello I am midnight or mid how ever you prefer to call me.

I play the character of Lucas Schoonmaker the human or L.U.C.A.S. the engi borg.

You’ll usually see me as the RD most of the time or the CMO (on rare occasions) for head roles.

I also play mostly science or medical roles with a hint of engineering every so often.

I like to play more of a lax yet energetic play style (i.e. using the heads request console to shit talk other departments or antags and roasting centcom to the point that they round end BSA science).

If you see me around I’m usually nice to my coworkers or my subordinates.

Unless you’re an ass or I’m really looking for some chemicals, but even then I tend to not abuse antag status.

I’m usually am the one ling who goes to lavaland and murder mobs or the traitor who emags fun shit and talks with the AI through binary keys.

I find the prospect of me causing others to miss out on fun to leave a bad taste in my mouth.

I may be hot headed when I’m dead chat or when someone is an ass, but I tend to forgive easily cuz it’s a game no need to be mad.

My last point for me is I’m LAUGHABLY unrobust when it comes to fighting, but really robust when helping others.


Welp no one loves me

very cool [dude] always goes on the white ship with me and generally friendly

All around nice person, fun to be around and very helpful.

Saw ya while observing a few times. Cool n helpful dude.

And I think you gave me Science budget card a time or two so that’s some bonus points.