Player Feedback: Kerbin_Fiber

I don’t THINK many people know me for some reason, which is understandable.

I like to think of myself as that one guy not too many people know, but those who are in the know, know not to mess with me.

So, am I based or unbased.

Based CE taught me a few good tricks nice and patient player overall good dude.

You should probably mention your character name, though I’m assuming it’s probably “kerbin fiber,” along with some stuff you usually do.

Cool dude
Simple dude
Kinda scary when he rolls antag since he just plays as usual and you can’t really pick up if he’s boutta do evil shit

Well, then he’s better than most other traitors then. Most people act so suspicious when they’re trying to kill/convert me, I end up dying/converting because I’m bored, not because they surprised me.

i hope you learned from me about entering virology without knocking