Player Feedback! Judge Joon! (And Odessa)


I would like to know what people think of me. If they enjoy playing with me, what I do well and what I could do to improve!

Below, it is I!! JOON ROSEN- ahm… it’s just JOON now!!

Opera Instantâ
Opera Instantâ
Opera Instantâ
Opera Instantâ

Joon is generally loud, LOVES HERSELF (and MONEY), and ever since THE INCIDENT avoids fighting!

Joon is usually assigned a random job so sometimes camps out at the HoP line when I get either Cargo related jobs or just don’t feel playing whatever I got at the time!

I worry sometimes Joon can be a bit offputting to other people. I believe things are funnier in my head than they actually are.

Then there is the ORIGINAL and now black sheep, Odessa!

Don’t let the picture fool you, Odessa isn’t all about botany.

Shes generally extremely friendly, tries to help others and is a bit gullible.
Oh shes also a pacifist!

But she is always flirting and trying to go out on dates ever since the Valentines Day Event haha.

Also let me know what you think of what I do as antag! I generally try to make it fun for everyone involved and I hate round removing people. I love the contract kit and always try to take it whenever I can!

I think that is all!

Let me know what you think!!



I know Joon much better than Odessa, who I cant really speak to. I first met you when you were a stage magician, right after I’d returned from my hiatus, and I’ve loved every interaction with you since. Joon is always fun, bombastic, and looking to do something interesting (though she’s also a bit of a bitch sometimes tbh). I think my favorite round with you was when we built the nanite room in the halls, which had carpeting, drinks, snacks, and more! Possibly my absolute favorite spess(wo)man to interact with randomly on the station and a good friend, but you probably know that.

Overall score:
We should do more hijinks together/10

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You’re epic. Genuinely fun player, good at RP, good at being fun in general, even while antag.

If I had to nitpick something, it’d be that your stubborn refusal to only do random jobs does get mildly annoying whenever you get a job you don’t like. I have suggested just setting every job you’re okay with to Low…

You should play Odessa more, though :stuck_out_tongue:
Odessa is very cute.


I miss my botany buddie Odessa but It’s always nice seeing joon, especially when they are in botany. a chatty co-worker makes the shift!

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Mimicks a mime farting :weary::weary::weary::weary:

I think I’ll follow Lucy’s advice and probably do botany more.

But I do have a hard time feeling useful when there are other more competent players already in the role!!

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You where perfect last time we played! as long as orders are going out of botany we can just hang out :heart:

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Joon is my favourite buddy who is always nice to me

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AHHHHHHHH Don’t say favorite!!!

Too much pressure!!

:flushed: :flushed: :flushed:

Love Friend!!!

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I did too…

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Hello! I’m bumping this because I’ve been doing the Joon Tinker Shop gimmick non stop and would like to know what people think about it!!

I really like it myself and think I found where I belong but this is a thing for everyone else not for me!


Joon is really unique and fun person. I don’t know Odessa, I don’t remember much since I don’t play botany or cook. However, Joon is awesome. I like the Joon shop and supplying items to shop.


Awwww you make me want to break my hiatus!!! Thank you for your kind words Emboes!


The only real Odessa doesn’t speak galactic common.

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The fact that you remember this puts a tear to my eye!

I considered doing it again but the experience I had would never have been the same…

Chaotic fun player. Chaotic fun player. Would like to get to know them better, lore wise. Odessa seems sweet.

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Althought they both got a background, Odessa seems to have a more… lore thinggy. With the incident Eloda described, where I put the trait where you don’t understand common by mistake, it really added to her character. Sweet spark that started as a stowaway and tried to actually be useful.

Joon is…



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John’s shop is a place of good business. Never did get that pharmacy though…

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Joon > Odessa

change my mind


I like your gimmick, it’s nice seeing people set up shops.

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