Player feedback, Guestratem/ yah nan

Hello, I am guestratem probably better known by my IC name yah nan. Also known as the purple felinid atmos main.

Overall in the game I aim to complete my jobs objectives sometimes not in the best way like breaking into places to get things I need.

As a traitor i play a quiet saboteur, where the only aspect that is seen of my actions are the aftermath.

I saw u couple times in game, last time i saw u i send 4 emaged borgs and one brainwashed victim to hunt u

that brainwashed victim was a traitor I cucked, he bombed my robotic safe heaven, well it didn’t end up well for him I wrote bunch of nasty laws for him

he was super salty and I had to ahelp to make him obey me (very gay situation )

cringe felinid

20 characters reeeee

Cringe felinid
Also fat as FUCK

based atmosian, has helped save the SM a few times, also did some good setups. typically have NO CLUE what you’re doing in atmos

One of the better felinid players here imo.

Mentally noted them down as an actual pipe wizard. fella knows what he’s doing down there & can be trusted to deal with any shenanigans that happen in atmos. I’ve also seen em around playing other jobs such as medical doc & i’ve never had or heard any complaints about em!

Overall, cool dude.

Knowledgeable fellow chadmos and very chill player. When antag they’re good in a fight whether it be cult or traitor, though usually they avoid the direct combat route. For a cat, not bad.