Player Feedback: god himself Noobgamergirl

Hello there im noobgamergirl, i used to smoke illegal substances and that made my brain poo poo, basically roundstart i run to get the tools, i smash the window at dorms, make myself spear, then hack or unweld the wall in sec room near arrivals, steal the locker, break it , get the loot, after that i go to abandomed robotics and make some flashes, basicaly im evil greytide , well now i often just suicide roundstart if i dont get antag, my favourite thing to do as antag is to kill all the sec, i usually buy martial arts, im getting kinda bored of my gaytide playstyle, so i guess imma try new things, if ya wanna be my meta friend than you can pm me or just reply here, im kinda robust tbh and i can defend you if you want

I am glad you do not play on mrp as that kind of tiding is literally the reason I’m on the mrp server.


i think nanotrasen should concentrate more on destroying the greytide, cause now their attempts are kinda pathetic, thanks for very positive response and im happy that you love me

bro remember how you said im your new enemy? kinda cringe ngl…

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wow thanks for feedback i dont remember that tho, as i said in the post, my brain is poo poo