Player Feedback: Fuu Xyzzy

I’m new so keep an eye out for me and tell me everything I did wrong in great detail so I can do nothing to fix it and whine at you for metagrudging me.

I only play Sage/MRP

you were the CMO from the last round I was in right?
i admittedly didn’t see much of what you did considering the rest of medbay was pretty well-handled (and i had chemistry down pat) but uh you didn’t SEEM incompetent
though i ask why you called shuttle so early like that (even if i do wish we didn’t recall with what AI thought would be a fun gimmick and borgs being shit at fulfilling that gimmick)

Did I call shuttle before I was borged? If I did it was probably a joke. I like to make the “ow I stubbed my toe call the emergency shuttle” joke from time to time.

If it was after I was borged, it’s because that shit was chaotic and rapidly approaching LRP greytide bs. Also a lot of people were dying and nobody else was gonna call it so everyone was just out of the game watching the idiotfest.

Ah, I see. I’m talking about the one where the call reason was a bunch of nyas.

That one was also a joke.

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