Player Feedback: 1glitchycent

Hey hey people, cent here.
I play Lumost Lampsky and Legionarre.OS.
As Lumost, you can usually find me stocking the chem fridge and killing myself with hellfoam in medical, or failing to make a TEG in engineering. As Legionarre, I’m either ascending into SLIMEBOT form in sci, or laying down the law on stinky organics in Sec.
I prefer playing on MRP and usually play there.

Like everyone else on player feedback, I’m looking for ways to improve how I play both characters.

solid choice for administration

why did i ever create this meme

Cool player, I like both your characters.

Also taught me some new stuff about xenobiology, which was a plus.

Slimepepole are a scourge that should be annihilated.

How do you fail in setting up a teg?

Otherwise you nice and really a liquid decision for middle management