Pitersky Admin Report by Ziagfu

In-game misconduct:

CKEY: Ziagfu

Your Discord: Dragon Blooded

Offender’s CKEY: Piterskiy

LRP or MRP server: MRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant): N/A

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03-08-2020

Round Number: 13253

Rules Broken (if relevant): Rule 3 might be in effect

Part of Admin Conduct Broken (if relevant): Administrative privileged abuse

Incident Description: During a Jungle Fever round, when people were allowing themselves to be killed and cloned opposed to succumbing to the disease (The cloning part was in the works as I and another were making a machine for producing synthflesh), either Pitersky or WhyisCaeciliusTaken spawned an antag goal without any update from central command, or post-game antag recognition. The ahelp was handled by Pitersky, thus set to Pitersky admin report.

Additional Information:

yeah lets kill anyone who might get infected and have round last 5 minutes

Are you going to disable mindshields on rev rounds?

Poor gamemode needs work, especially since it needs admins to balance it almost every round or it goes away after 5 minutes.

Other gamemodes can be fixed with
Xenos - Surgery (takes time to do surgery and someone skilled in surgery)
Revs - Requires Mindshields and security, need to spend time for people to capture the revs (They won’t willingly come since they are an antag from the start)
Cult - Requries chaplain to feed holy water and the capture of the antag
Monkey - Kill and clone, go straight to medbay if you have the disease, since you aren’t an antag yet.

I can’t see this being a feature that was intended, so abusing it and having admin intervene to make the round better for the monkeys is good by me

are you actually comparing sentient monkey to revs?

It was actually more balanced because you could heal with banana :flushed:
Admin report still valid :flushed:

Everyone who got infected bar two people (out of around 30-35 or so bitten) either immediately suicided or ghosted if they couldn’t kill themselves in time. They did this because they knew they’d be cloned. Since this made conversion practically impossible, we decided and agreed to get rid of cloning.

The abuse of cloning made proper progression of the round impossible, so it got destroyed. According to the admin conduct document, admins can intervene in the round so long as it is proportionate to the actions of those the intervention affects. Because literally everyone was doing this, helping the infected to do this, or yelling at them to do this, admin intervention was allowed.

Something something me help antag because antag unrobust :drooling_face:

Arguebly it’s proper roleplay. It’s a futuristic space station that has had cloning technology for a long time.

Crewmembers outsmart the problem by using the technology at hand to overcome their problem. Seeing as cloning as well is now the only cure if I’m not mistaken.

Unga me no like this, its not going how I want it to, adminbus unga

Also jungle fever is a shit gamemode

Being smart and killing yourself is part of the gamemode’s design. Otherwise it would have just been designed so that you get bitten -> 2 seconds later you turn into a monkey.

If you’re not allowed to do utilise cloning then the gamemode should be changed so that infections work that quickly, since you’re not allowed to try prevent it anyway. I doubt the community would agree with that change, so you’re back to the premise of this report - that destroying cloning was invalid.

Even if people are mass suiciding there’s still proper progression of the round. Yes you may not convert additional people but you’re basically one-hit killing everyone, which can help ensure that there’s little crew left to stop you evacuating and greentexting.

I honestly would not have been as Unsatisfied and willing to put a player report if: 1- we had any sort of recognition for the person who was given the task. 2- We had a central command or monkey command update on something like a ‘hairless agent’ or something. 3- The adminbus had NOT KILLED several people in the fucking maxcap.

Also its an entire maxcap for 2 machines and one computer

It wasn’t a maxcap it was a cluster of syndicate minibombs. It’s an admin only item. If you stand still for the 10+ seconds the armed grenade takes to go off, that’s on you, especially considering it uses the syndicate minibomb sprite.

This seems very admin abusey.

How is it intended to be cured? Virology?

literally bananas
20 coooms

Bananas do not cure the disease since they updated it.


It’s a common misconception that bananas will cure, but they don’t. Not in this code, otherwise it would be shown in an advanced health analzyer, which ONLY shows ‘Death is the only cure’.

If there is an alternative “intended” cure that we’ve added, I am a lot more on the fence since cloning is slow, no longer free and requires a living person to operate.

If this is true and death is the only cure on our codebase, I agree that destroying cloner via admin powers is a pretty adminbus move.

Just checked the code, and technically, there is a cure:

name = “Jungle Fever”
cure_text = “Death.”
cures = list(/datum/reagent/medicine/adminordrazine)

/datum/reagent/medicine/adminordrazine //An OP chemical for admins
name = “Adminordrazine”
description = “It’s magic. We don’t have to explain it.”
color = “#C8A5DC” // rgb: 200, 165, 220
can_synth = FALSE
taste_description = “badmins”

So the cure is death or admin magic
Seems like adminbus to me

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