Piterskiy Staff Feedback Thread

This is the feedback thread for our Administrator Piterskiy.

Please provide your thoughts about how they perform.

This is not the place for ban appeals or player reports but you can mention specific events and how they handled it given you don’t try to change the outcome of the case.

You are expected to keep a somewhat formal tone and give constructive criticism. Insults will not be tolerated.

Decent admin.

While they may sometimes be overly cautious, this is better than a gung-ho admin that charges in uninformed of the situation; they do not often get angry, and do not judge other players very often like some admins are prone to doing, myself included sometimes.

Overall, good member of the staff team, although potential improvements could be improving his discord relations with the userbase, or becoming more independent in regards to assessing situations.

When he handled a player report against me he ignored the response I had given explaining my actions only responding with:

His response didn’t explain at all why my reasoning was invalid. He didn’t respond at all to anything in the report. He just accepted it.
I chalked it up to being in a rush to close an old player report so I send him a (frustrated) message:


Why did you note me for it? You provide zero explanation as to why I did something wrong, nor did you clarify at all as to why my reasoning is invalid. Your response is bad. You’re not just meant to punish, but also teach players how you want them to behave. Just really fucking bad. Next time I’ll just not respond, ensuring a report like this will never get handled if this is the way you handle them here.

He didn’t respond to that, which is why I am putting my experience with him here. I think an admin should try and teach players how they want them to play, not just punish them. I don’t care about the note, but I want to know why I got the note. Any engaged player should IMO.

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the guy who made this player report explained pretty much everything, and my job here was only checking logs and punishing you
im not required nor want to explain obvious stuff or post logs in all player reports i handle, especially small player reports like this one

I don’t know chief, you didn’t even bother responding to what he said.
Wasting money on nuke ops round as non antag is not worthy of perma?
What’s it worthy of?

Also, pretty lame that you apparently can’t put for the effort to be decent.

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incredibly based admin

Always murderbones when antag, including conversion antag.
From this standpoint, one would assume that he is a hostile person. From short and dis-concerned responses to administrative duties- regardless of how well they are performed- to overtly hostile intention to only murderbone. One would suspect actions like this to have him not viewing the workspace as anything more than a place to vent stress and toxify his work.

nvm he’s not based he plays [redacted]!!

i dont?

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Piterskiy has resigned. He is welcome back any time in the next few months without requiring an application.

He has come back it seems

Dared Ike to Unmerge Clockies with me when i pinged him about merging them when they were just testmerged the second time. Based.

Admin retired, closing