Piterskiy plying weeb msuycic @everyone

help piterskiy keeps playing anime music using the admin midi system i think hes a weeb we need to stage an intervention this is important help me please

round id 8555 pitreskiy played weeb music upsetting all the everyones

But what if he is weeb?


Society text

But bro… don’t hurt his feelings,

Weeb weeb weeb weeb WEEB weeb weeb wEEB weeb weeb weeb weab

I think this is more than enough justification to demote pittersky back to mentor after all we dont need weebs in this anime free station! Stay strong fellow albanian

But then you’d have a weeb in the mentorbus with ya

Dont worry when he is back to mentor the mentor council will decide his fate

Poor piterskiy he is just innocent russian cat.



Unironically stfu before i stick your trachea in the femur breaker