Pip Player report

In-game report:

   Title: Pip Player Report
   CKEY: docto(r)ape

   Your Discord: -

   Offender’s CKEY: Prototype_dead

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Pip

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 04.11.2021

   Round Number: 28708

   Rules Broken: 

R4 Do Not Self-Antag
R7 Head of Staff conduct
Other: Naming conventions

   Incident Description:

I was Asimov AI.
Non-human CMO tells me to open “reeducation” room so he can give (human) clown the lethal injection implant. I refuse, because Asimov. Pip then threatens to kill the human traitor if I do not open. I now have the trolley problem: If I open, he kills the clown. If i don’t open: He kills the clown. I bolt him in and he starts strangling the clown to force me to open.

I open with the plan to bolt him in somewhere else to contain him alone, so that the threat to human life is solved. Pip takes the clown hostage and drags him with him instead of leaving him in permabrig. I bolt both in in the area between perma and brig. CMO begins to torture the clown by smashing him against the window repeatedly in an attempt to force me to open. I try to get Armsky from Armory to them, but CMO (Pip) uses the emag to emag the bolted doors and all other unopened doors from now on (R7).

He then takes 2 space suits from sec and equips him and clown (traitor) with them. They both leave perma by destroying the window on the right to get to space [R4][2]
[ 1. Willfully assisting known antagonists is self-antag. Your loyalty is to Nanotrasen, your co-workers, and the station. There are no friendly antagonists.].

From engineering space their paths differ as clown is being let free by CMO [R4][2]
[ 1. Willfully assisting known antagonists is self-antag. Your loyalty is to Nanotrasen, your co-workers, and the station. There are no friendly antagonists.].

as CMO is swearing revenge against me for trying to kill him for trying to kill a human (him being a danger to humans) and gathers equipment.
Fast forward: CMO tries to enter my satellite from the top, RCDs the turrets which is logical and then runs away from my satellite beepsky, but gets caught in space.

CMO now asks the traitor clown for help via comms and promises him his emag back if he helps him [R4][2]
[ 1. Willfully assisting known antagonists is self-antag. Your loyalty is to Nanotrasen, your co-workers, and the station. There are no friendly antagonists.].

Clown helps him and after being rescued CMO kills me.

Additional Information:
No sec, so there was no real authority that could have made this any less chaotic (low pop). Also some missinformation or simplification on comms. Also CMO did not understand that him being a head of staff means nothing to AI and that he was still not in the position to demand things from me.

EDIT: Also [R2][5][ Don’t be a dick.]


you’re supposed to act like a small child when it comes to the reeducation chamber, and don’t consider it as a room in which people are killed as long as you aren’t told by someone that this is what happens in there

He literally told me via comms he wants the injection implant. That is not me metaknowledging in the slightest. Also even if I wanted: I can not open the airlock. AIs have no access to that airlock unless you breach its firewall.
Also right after I told him that I won’t open the door (my own reasoning being because he already said that he wants the chemical implant and because I am not able to open it) he threatened an asimov ai with killing his human prisoner as a non-human. At that point all gloves were off for me.


ah, alright then - seems to me like the cmo was on a bit of a powertrip

This wouldnt happen if we just switch to Corporate. Smh.

Did they explicitly say that they were going to lethal injection the clown, or did you just assume?

Roundstart, the AI doesn’t know there’s any funny business going on in that room.

They said chem injection, not that it is a lethal one. It does not matter either way though. I was not about to open it because a) i would have to hack the firelock first and b) it was a nonhuman asking, meaning there was no “must do” involved behind it anyway. It is not crewsimov. But none of that matters for the report to be honest.
For the same reason why I would not give a non human CE for example a disabler/laser weapon hybrid: It can be used to kill as well.
My report is not for him ordering me or killing me, it is for him working together with a traitor and using antag items.



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A lot of this looks IC by the CMO wanting to kill the AI at this point. You’re not supposed to go out of your way to assist antags, but you’re not required to execute/gank them.

The AI and the CMO got into conflict in the round, and that ended with the CMO wanting to destroy the AI.

From what I understand you are not supposed to ally with traitors either, which is what he did there. He could have just left him in one of the cells.


Is a very good example.

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