Ping-Related Issues

Hey guys ever since the chat bubbles were added last week some people and I have been experiencing some serious problems with ping whenever we move, making the game grind to halt most of the time. This has nothing to do with internet speeds since other servers are working fine (at least for me) and my internet connection is solid. Is anybody else having this kind of issue and would anyone have any suggestions on how to deal with these ping-spikes?


I think you can turn off runescape chat in game preferences. Try that and turning off fancy space and parallax.

yeah it’s been teetering on the edge of unplayability for me all week, and no matter what settings i change it doesn’t get any better. as a last resort i’ll try installing an older version of byond, if that doesn’t work, i guess i’m just fucked until this gets fixed/removed.


Use this version:

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I am trying to use VPN these days and it solves my ping issue, although this isn’t an ideal solution…

so, I am not sure if this is related with the bubble thing or my issue is different.

this one seems to only work slightly better in that i don’t have to spend 5 minutes on the shuttle as my game keeps disconnecting before it works, but the lag once i’m in is still just as bad.

Just to make sure, you’ve checked with task manager there aren’t some background processes eating up all of your CPU? I’ve had problems with that before.

Been having some lag issues lately as well, although mine appears to persist only on TG and Bee but not on other servers like TGMC and only happens when moving, my solution was to also use a VPN, that might solve your problem.

Same thing here. Also even running SS13 without any other CPU-intensive programs results in a very laggy experience

If anyone could add the option to turn off these damn chat bubble icons id be forever grateful to you, since Ive got no idea on how to do it myself.

Set whatever else you would like and hit save setup


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