Pijany_Mistrz Warned by Chiryn

Discord ID: Pijany_Mistrz#7088

Admin Discord ID: chiryn#4501

Ban Type: warn

Ban Length: n/a

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 03/24/2023

Ban Reason: 1 point warning 1088889479164612630 issued by chiryn#4501 for Rule 2. Posting cropped pictures of people smiling while next to a corpse, with political backgrounds.

Appeal Reason: There was no NSFW content, the photo was taken straight from a wiki article which was a guy/girl smiling. There was no politics mentioned at all.

Additional Information:
I’ve posted two photos on general channel from a wiki article about Sabrina Harman and Charles Graner who were sentenced for Maltreating detainees. I added oblivious satiric comments to why they are wearing their nitryl gloves (e.g. i hope theyre EMTs, they are here to help people etc.). Chiryn asked me after posting first photo who that was, and i replied to her with a name of the person on the picture. There was also other people who asked and I DM’ed names of those people. There was no more interaction from them on this side. After I was told by one dc member to stop doing that I promptly stopped posting any more photos from that event. 5 minutes later i got warned and effectively muted.

As for the rule to “be civil” those pictures were taken from a wiki article, so I did not consider this cropped photos can offend anyone.

To anyone that got offended by those: I’m sorry and I can assure I will be more careful next time.

I feel this could be resolved differently, and there was no need to 1 point warn escalation. Im trying to be contributive member of community, after all.

photos I’ve posted:


You said this, after having provided the name of the person and then promptly deleted it within the minute.

You posted another picture of a guy this time, shortly after being told to stop by said member.

The background of the media you posted is quite disturbing, and has absolutely no place here, especially when you posted it completely out of context. It doesn’t matter if it’s cropped or from a wiki page, quite frankly.
I will agree, it’s not political, more like historical in retrospect, and the warn will be edited to reflect this. But it will not be lifted. You should be more careful with what you post.

Appeal Denied