Pick or create an event to be run!

Hello. On November 23rd, I will have been admeme for exactly one year, and I thought I might as well mark the milestone with something, so here it is:

On Sunday Nov 22nd, 7:30PM GMT (2:30PM EST), I will run any event of your choice (provided it isn’t utterly terrible like “GIV ME PULSE RIFLE”.

Nominate an event of your choice here. The five most hearted events here will be put up to vote on the day, and the one that wins the most votes will be run.

If custom maps are required, please send me the map files by November 20th.


Event: The entire beestation community goes outside for one day.


Two teams on opposite sides of the station, spawn neutral antags such as pirates, xenos and wizards etc.

See which team survives

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Ashwalkers, golems and lavaland syndies have formed an alliance declared war on the station. Equipped with a shuttle of their own and a makeshift base on lavaland, the two fight until only one side remain


Blood cult vs clock cult :flushed:


No it’s absolutely terrible.

Players vs Mentors TDM for the admins to watch and interfere in freely.

Or just an adminbuse day.


Give everyone plasma fist while giving them 60% resistant to burn (or something like that to protect themselves from lasers a bit), then spawn in two ERT’s to try and wipe out the station, but only through combat.

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Wizards the whole day.


Mentor ops


i become host for the day


Announce an event in announcements, say that it’s a mistery event, hype up everyone for it, set the round type to event, start the game and just observe, and don’t do anything.


Pvp against a syndicate station on a separare z level
In fact, make both stations starved of resources so that the produce actually has to start rolling in.
A small amount of actual medicine in medbay, chem and surgery better work!
Little to no food vendors, chef and botany will have a looooong shift.
Space debree is on a timer, engineering better patch those holes aswell as keep the enemy squads blocked off!
Non mech Plasma cutters and mining satchel of holding do not exist, research and mining better utilise other tools at their disposal.
By the way, the station has a rather small amount of mats! Luckily both stations start at the opposite ends of lavaland and there are cargo requests for materials, so better cook up some exports!

Speaking of exports, maybe make it so that both teams have their firing pins unremovable from guns so that they are useless in traditional sense, but captured equipment can be sold off at cargo? Maybe both stations are going through a blue space turbulence zone, and they receive a disease which needs to be held at bay by using a special limited resource? Which both teams try to steal from eachother, as it appears in JUUUUUST a barely not enough quantity? Such resource can also be bought, or created at medical by doing tasks for CC, SC.
Edit: basically resource starve two stations and give them the okay to rob eachother, see what happens


nations round



Leak the actual connection link to Beestation Clover and speedrun getting demoted.


A dynamic round bringing all currently disabled(but functional) antags back.

Edit: The round is dynamic only consisting of the disabled antags.

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giv me pulse rifle event
  • Giv me pulse rifle
  • Station Wars (2 stations start with basic resources and battle it out for a reason nobody knows why)
  • Some funny weird gamemode we haven’t seen before like VIP
  • Admemes + mentors vs the players or something
  • me make funny broken gamemode and testmerge it

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Split them into separate posts so people can vote on them plox

A coderbus event :flushed:

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erp event :flushed: