Physics based teleporting?

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Testing the waters if people would be interested in teleportation having side effects. For example what happens if matter materializes in already existing matter, next to some other things.

Explain this? Pretty sure you can gib yourself if you get stuck in AI sat walls because you cant get out.

Currently you do not get gibbed, instead you are stuck in the wall and slowly suffocate, except if you do not have the need to breathe.

if you can code it make fusing with people if you teleport into them. You become a split personaltiy in a body that is a mixture of both traits of your chars

Person 1’s name, person 2’s surname, 1’s colours 2’nds hairstyle etc


If teleportation was more physics based it would be unusable:

The station is orbiting a planet and is this constantly moving in several directions at once at a very high speed. Teleportation would suddenly shunt you somewhere else, where the direction of the velocity you were at previously is not an exact match to the direction that your new location would be causing you to move in, causing you to be hurled off in a direction at several hundred metres per second. Since you’re on a space station, you are guaranteed to hit a solid object at a lethal velocity.


What model of physics?

Cause I can tell you that quantum tunneling for teleportation is probably the “safest”

Technically speaking, that would not happen either. Teleportation transfers the information about one set of particles to another set of particles. Given the law for conservation of information in quantum mechanics, a COPY of you would arrive at the target destination, while the original “you” turns into subatomic particles.

Technically speaking, quantum tunneling is not what we would understand under “teleportation” from classic science fiction.

But that all is besides the point. The main question was regarding how getting stuck in objects should affect teleports in our spess game, not how all of it works out in real life.
Because while I understand that we can not (and hell, should not) try to adapt a perfectly realistic environment, we can do better than popping up on the same tile as a wall and then just giving it a suffoc debuff.

If we tried for realism we would need to scrap most of the game and allow ERP.

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It would be counterbalanced by the fact that felinids would now be erased for existence.

I actually think allowing ERP would be worse. Cause its not hard to put cat ears and a cat tail on a person and call them an felinid.

But it’ll be realistic, that means no admemes to interrupt you from uncreating that abomination.

Just play Lifeweb then.

Using this logic if you tele you should instantly die and a ghost be placed in a copy of you


sounds like fun :flushed:

That would be such a based middle finger from the game to the not-yet-experienced player i want it in legitimately forever and ever.

Yes teleporting is based

me when I teleport in the bartender’s drink and accidentally detonate into a hydrogen bomb :flushed:

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Blue Space Tomato Intensifies*