Phonebook6 banned by Aeder1

CKEY: Phonebook6

Admin’s CKEY: Aeder1

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: both

**Ban Type: **

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (02/06/2020):

Round ID:12262

Ban Reason: fired a rocket at floor of emergency shuttle, then allegedly disconnecting before bwoink could be made

Appeal Reason: I fired the rocket accidentally. I was punching the door with the rocket module toggled on the mech and must have accidentally misclicked another space. As far as I know the only result of this was me spacing myself. The reason I was punching the door was because the captain, after a round of antagonizing the science department and it’s head, had him attacked by sec and thrown off the shuttle for apparently no reason. me and the other living scientist were breaking into the brig to confront the captain and the captain started shooting at us with lethals. Note, this is after preparing to depose the captain for his previous actions, which to the best of my knowledge was reasonably justifiable, and then willingly making a decision to call it off and carry on peacefully, despite support from other heads, because the admins did not give us permission.

Additional Information: I actually stayed in the round for a pretty long time after i spaced myself, until the round ended, so i could respond to a potential bwoink. At this point I was in a real life situation where I did not have time to wait for several minutes into the next round for a possible bwoink. I do not say this in anger or to whine about the ban reason, only to explain the situation.

Fair. Please be more careful when you are controlling something that has the potential to blow the whole place to kingdom come. I definitely admit that the bwoink took ages as there was a lot of chaos towards the end. I remember the cap was a total shitter that round, was dealt with on the ban page.

Unbeaned, note left tho.

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