Phazer player feedback

IC name: Video
Borg: BUD

I love med and I always grab a welder, wires and helmet from tool storage so I can heal my fellow silicons as well, healing people is fun if they don’t run from us
As engi I like building teleporters and making mini bases.
And as science I’m learning how to not screw up xeno and I like making a borg army in robo and I don’t like combat cause I’m unrobust and I don’t find it fun.

Robo makes me rage when they think I’m a dead posi brain as an ipc.

Robotics really is a pain some times.

Nice to know I’m not the only one who bum rushes welders round start when I play IPC.

You’re generally chill, especially compared to the other people on the station, which I like.


If you are the Video I killed during that one rev round where you were the IPC RD Video you know whats up.

Also Give this lad some attention please.

Incredibly good malf AI round recently, was fun, many borgs. Also is pAI person so even more good.

I forgot that I made this,
My AI is Argus.

I have a lot of fun RPing with them and the whole pAI gang. Video and BUD are both great!