Petty Crimes on MRP

The MRP rules are kinda unclear on what constitutes griefing.

Say, if I put on boxing gloves, beat the clown unconscious, extract all of his money from his ID, and then put the ID back on him and run away, is that griefing?

Is Griefing defined as antagonizing people for the sake of amusement?

Or is it more about ruining somebody’s round overall, like if I steal someone’s ID so they can’t get into their own department, or if I cuff someone and tie them to a chair in maintenance.

Literally just dont be a piece of shit and you’re fine.

The goal of our server is to immerse players in a fictional universe, enabling them to roleplay with each other. Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional; act like it. Have a sensible name, construct a character for yourself and behave as the character would, and avoid breaking the immersion.

  • Roleplaying insanity or any other mental illness as an excuse to bypass this is not allowed. Nanotrasen would not have hired you in the first place.

This is the premise all characters should follow, with emphasis on the bolded part and having a realistic character that a corporation would have hired.

We are not an MRP server, we dropped that tag some months ago. It’s best if you don’t make assumptions on what is/isn’t allowed based on perceptions of other servers in general. We are an RP server and the atmosphere we are aiming for is outlined in the quoted rule above. Shit’s gonna hit the fan of course, but we want players to react realistically rather than in slapstick/cartoonish manners. If your character were a real person IRL and they wouldn’t do something, then don’t do it in the game. Murdering someone for shoving you is psychotic, for instance.

If it is totally unprompted, yes this is absolutely self-antag. What kind of person goes around and beats a person unconscious to steal their money? The only time this would be excusable is if you had built up some sort of grudge against them within the current round.

We specifically define grief by perceived intent, and again if it’s done without reason then yes, it would potentially fall under griefing. Antagonizing people for your own amusement is not appropriate for this server.

Still yes. Everything you’ve mentioned in this thread is ban-worthy.

Oh but you can do crimes of course!

Let’s say for example your character is a chemist that has always inspired to be like that guy from ancient times “Tony Hawk”. You recall that he used to ride something called “hoverboard” (skateboard, but let’s say some company has bought the rights to his name and used it to sell hoverboards, but your character doesn’t know that) and you REALLY want to have one too, but it’s expensive, you’re short on cash and noone wants to borrow you money. You can decide to produce ILLEGAL DRUGS and hire an assistant to sell them.

Let’s say you get that hoverboard… but after riding it for a while some masked dude shoves you off of it and rides away. You go to security but they are all either dead or dying and certainly not useful nor trying to help. After that, helpless you decide to head to a bar to drink your sadness away. You get drunk and talk with some people, when some drunk brags about stealing a really cool hoverboard from some loser. While you could and should call security, blood rushes to your head as you grab your stool and bash it on that guys head. And there you’ve commited an assault that is another crime.

Will you get your hoverboard back? Will others join the fight. Will you have to face a sentence in brig for your crimes? idk


Nice, thank you for clarifying. I was going to run a gimmick as a fugitive Luchadore mugger on the run from the law. I guess I’ll have to run that one on TG instead.

Would it still be acceptable if I took one of the gimmick roles? I remember there was some sort of conspiracy theorist Maint Dweller role.

Gimmick roles (including clown and mime) have substantially more leeway on what they can do since their roles exist to shake up the status quo a bit where they can.

Clown, Mime and Stage Magician all get the broadest freedom, though you should still generally avoid capital crimes and remember that your job is to entertain other crew, not just yourself.

If you’re doing pranks at someone’s expense, try to make sure you’re doing them in a way that others can see, and take your lumps when the time is right so that your victim isn’t just seething indefinitely.

Debtor is a homeless conspiracy theorist and the #1 buyer of drugs and general shit stirring on station. Spread false rumors, conspiracy theories and learn how to do Ghetto Chemistry (somewhat outdated, but you’ll get the idea) to sell drugs. Debtor should still generally not retaliate with lethal force, but it is the single non-antagonist role that has a justified reason not to trust Nanotrasen from roundstart even if you can’t outright attack people.

Psychiatrist and Barber both just kinda suck, have nothing to do and no particularly good reason to act unprofessional either.

More extreme example, i was the bartender antagonist, i had 5 patrons in my bar, clown walks in and shoves two of them on my table, then we knock him down but he starts shoving more and smashing bottles, i think to myself “i am a traitor, who gives a shit if i kill this guy” i beanbag him twice to kick him out.

At this point clown isn’t giving up, so my patrons and me all start beating him, 2 with stools me with shotgun and 2 barehands, we beat the ever living hell out of that clown and killed him at medbay enterance after which we went back and had a drink to celebrate it. Dont be a dick clown and assault people, or else i will break law.

I had a luxury of being an antag in that situation but I would’ve still critted and sent him in medical for assaulting my customers for no reason which is IC and OOC rule break if not for context. Context matters the most.

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