Petition to remove the power of coders

Coders are allowed to merge literally anything, even if the community majority disagrees. Bad, democracy exists for a reason. Saying that we don’t know what’s best for the game is insulting honestly.


Democracy is dead and we killed it


You’re a t.min, you should know that democracy is not a part of bee.
No this isn’t a joke of fear-mogering or some sort of dumb shit, it’s literally how it is.


Counterpoint; re-merge democracy then.

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Sorry man the democracy PR got denied since forever ago.

if you sneak in a felinid nerf zesko will hack into bacons computer and speedmerge it


Features / New Content: Almost always gets approved unless it is something that is partilcularly cringe

Memes: Memes almost always get accepted even if they are terrible and not good for balance at all.

Balance Changes: Unless something is really, really broken then nerfs usually always get rejected and buffs always get accepted.

And other things, such as removing unused code (such as when removing the old clockcult code) was heavilly disapproved despite not being used and needed for the rework.

Also, people tend to play a single way in game, most players will main either assistant, security, engineer, scientist or one particular department, which will heavily influence their vote if its positive / negative for them in particular rather than the gameplay as a whole.

Currently the voting system is used to gauge the communities acceptance to a new feature / idea, and if we have no major issues / needs for something then the vote will usually be the deciding factor, so for the most part we stick to it where possible.

Also, not having democracy entirely isn’t instantly bad, for example admins can ban literally anyone even if the community doesn’t agree with the ban, but often its for the best

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Player feedback and voting are important to prevent coders from making out-of-touch decisions that hurt the game. However, the head developer can overrule votes (much in the same way a head admin can veto admin applications) when it is deemed in the interests of the codebase. Maintainers are, as far as I know, bound by the outcome of votes unless the head dev gives them permission to overrule it.

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Pretty sure its this, for things that have been put to vote, I have only ever gone against the vote once and that was the PR adding job titles to radio messages

I’m sorry bacon but if people want to give feedback they should make a comment on the PR page explaining why this thing is bad for the game and why it shouldn’t be merged (like literally every other server), not use upvotes because these mean nothing and don’t have any useful info you can improve from.

Yea, this is why we read comments and tend to take comments that are constructive / not just straight shitting no the PR into account a lot more heavily than the vote. Even if something passes a vote, if there is a flaw pointed out in the comments then it usually won’t be merged if the point is important and not addressed/considered by the author

Democracy is a myth.

You don’t code a game based on what the community wants, you do what the game needs.

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the game needs felinids removed


Couldn’t have said it better myself Velvet, also as Zesko said:


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This. @PowerfulBacon make felinids an exclusive so only gamer pros can play it and not randoms.

I don’t know why bee just doesn’t do the thing that TG did and just make people keep their felenid characters but no new ones can be made.

The whole point of making PR’s is so the Community, Coders, And the admins can decide on if this is good or bad, but if your whole feedback consists of reddit upvotes nobody is going to listen to you.


Coders don’t have perms to merge anything. Maintainers hold that power. Maintainers are held to a standard and don’t merge any random thing. They do however, reserve the right to deny a PR from being merged or can merge in changes they think would benefit the codebase overall. The Head Developer has final say on pretty much all things code related.

There is no democracy when it comes to managing the codebase. Maintainers, and to a greater extent the Lead Developer, have final say on what does and doesn’t get merged. Sometimes really popular features will be rejected due to conflicting design decisions or poor quality code. At the same time, some unpopular features may be added to help maintain balance, improve performance, or otherwise prop-up future changes.

Now, even though we’re not a democracy codebase, we still make a point to listen to community feedback. PR votes and well-thought-out forms of input do a lot to influence our decision making. So, I will always encourage people to voice their opinions and vote on PRs; since it does matter, even if it doesn’t guarantee a specific outcome.

One final note… As a project we’re dynamic. Things will always change. If something doesn’t work or is clearly hated by a majority of players, there is always a chance that adjustments will be made.


Keep in mind that when I take over Beestation, I will make it a full blown democracy!
Mat05usz for Host 2020

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