Petition to make golden 2 a real server

to quote franc:

make a petition on the forums or something


The only thing I do not get is why the admins treat golden as the inferior server. Is that because most of the admins play on MRP?


shut up we are talking about golden 2
make your own thread on it


We are currently not talking about golden. This server (golden 2) won’t replace golden. Its an entirely separate thing.

this would never be a problem on golden 2

Should golden 2 become an actual server
  • Yes
  • No
  • What the fuck is golden 2?!

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Alright, 100%. Lets wrap it up boys, we’ve won.


I dont think Crossed would be willing to run another server. Plus Oasis exists. And that is basically Golden 2.

Its a baycode server you moron not another tg code one. Also Oasis isn’t part of bee.


They dont run Oasis, Oasis runs Oasis. brrrrrrr
Msay: time to hand over the mentor card

Well i didnt know it was a Baycode server ffs.

And yes, i know Oasis isnt part of Bee.

But it has the spirit of Golden.

I didnt know what Golden 2 was. I thought you were referring to the LRP spirit of it.

smh doesnt know golden 2

this would never be a problem on golden 2 :pensive:


Im not on the Discord and i havent been in game in Looks at watch awhile because April is hell season.

So unless it was mentioned on the forums. I didnt know about it.

I support a server running Baycode. It will be fun to actually have things to explore in space. And force myself to relearn all of science…

@TeomanTheGreat_Phil dammit why is the vote anonymous, we couldve fixed the vote!

it should be made a real server but still kept to only the discord people lol

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