PerushedFraud Admin Report

CKEY: Sumter

Your Discord: Sumter

Offender’s CKEY: PerushedFraud 

LRP or MRP server: LRP

Offender’s In-Game Name (if relevant):

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 10/16/20

Round Number: 22697

Rules Broken (if relevant): The one where they don't do things that majorly affect the round without permission.

Part of Admin/Mentor Conduct Broken (if relevant): The one where they don't do things that majorly affect the round without permission.

Incident Description: Spawned four revenants and possibly an ash drake to ruin the round after changelings died.

Additional Information: I was playing CE and the Revs murderboned every single person on the server out of a population of 44. There was little warning and no one asked for this. It wasn't even a dynamic round. I was banned from admin for doing less than this. This wasn't even funny.

Ash drake was brought on the station by chromy, the traitor miner.

I spawned a buncha revenants, yes, but this was for memes and also because people were dying to the drake alot.

I spawned “the Destroyer” which is a clown hulk variant and messed with it’s vars to make it more powerful but went too far. Did a small event with it where I took control and challenged people to fight me. Only two people did and they died in glorious combat, then I removed it from the station after no one else accepted the challenge.

Four revenants is a significant random intervention in the round.


If it makes you feel better I personally wouldn’t have banned for something like that. I’d have just told you to revive the people. I’m no headmin though.

I don’t think anyone else was particularly annoyed by the revenants and drake wasn’t my doing.

The report material is definitely there if you still want to go for it and I’ll accept whatever happens from it. It’s also a good chance for anyone else to chime in if they think I should step down.

On the other hand, judging from what I’ve seen you say in game, it seems like this is more of a personal thing, especially since only you seemed to care about it. I’m willing to talk it out and compensate you in some fun way if your round was truly fucked up by the revs. Ruining people’s fun is not my intent. If you’d like to take this approach instead, you know where to find me.

You are right on this statement, 4 is quite excessive?

Update: I’ve decided to accept the punishment for the revenant spawns as I’ve personally decided it was a really stupid decision after looking back. Even if only Sumter was annoyed by it, after contemplating I’ve concluded it was objectively not cool. Thus I’ll await the strike or whichever other measure is decided on.

Note that this does not change my earlier post. I’d stll like to have a more civilized discussion with Sumter if they’re up for it, and I’ll still gladly compensate you (Sumter) for the round.

I’ve calmed down a bit now that I’ve had a round or two where I haven’t been massively cucked.

The reason I was so mad was because I was kitted for round end and made it to the shuttle without the ash drake targeting me and would’ve escaped if it wasn’t for the fact I was the last person alive and all four of the revs gangbanged me with the light shock ability, and I couldn’t even activate my potassium suicide grenade before the dragon came in and finished me off. This was all after I’ve died on two previous rounds as CE, the round before by Perished himself as a traitor.

In this round, some virologist my engineers tried to help turned me into him, and the AI ignored me because I was no longer human, which is the whole reason why I went back to playing human in the first place.

TLDR: the Revs where the icing on the shit-flavored cake and in retrospect, I was just looking for a reason to get someone in trouble to make up for it and Perished made it easy by breaking the admin rules. I don’t really care if he gets punished I just don’t want him to do shit like that unless it was asked for as the players themselves do enough bad shit on their own.

Perished will be given an internal administrative note. Since all antagonists were dead, there are no tokens to give out.