Personal Teacher AI

I’ve always enjoyed helping and teaching people, the mentoring role helps for that but there is also a need for a more dynamic and direct way to teach when the player doesn’t know anything.
So i had an idea.

Made PAI’s that specialise in teaching different jobs.
How i imagine it:
So it all revolves around the ghosts, it acts like PAI but instead you have different categories representing each discipline of the game (surgery, botany, nanites, xenobio etc) and in each of these category you can chose different levels of proeficiency representing your degree of knowledge.

Then there are the people that need help, they can search for a teacher through the PDA by category and then there are all the ghosts displayed according to their levels in the searched category.
They send an invite to the ghost (or PAI in IC context), said ghost is then prompted if he wants to be the TPAI (Teaching Personal AI) of said individual and he says yes or no, depending on his responce the person needing teaching Gets a negative response or the TPAI appear.
The TPAI are like PAI but don’t have any fonction real fonction (no music, no door jacking etc) and once you are done with the teaching of the TPAI you can send him back to oblivion.

I also thougt that it would be a good idea to automaticaly prompt people to get a TPAI when they have less than 5h of playtime in the role they have chosen .
Like that it can also help new players who don’t know the feature or are new to SS13.