Permanent ban by Gaper [Appeal]

CKEY: Gaper

Admin’s CKEY: arrfur

Is this for both servers or just one? Unkown

Ban Type: Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 01/05/2019

Round ID: 2638

Ban Reason: joined and as sec and instantly started tasing and stripping HoP as nonantag, when bwoinked they said “I am griefer” They legit just joined as a troll so its the big boy bwoink. [DO NOT ACCEPT APPEALS! THEY HAVE LIED IN APPS BEFORE ]- Arrfur xo

Appeal Reason: Since this ban was issued almost a year ago, I cannot recall all the details. However, I am absolutely sure that I was a beginner then. But now I have learned to play this game. Therefore, I need to remove permaban. In addition, I doubt that the violation is not so serious as to give a beginner. The phrase “I am griefer” remains on the conscience of the admin.
P.S. No lies were discovered.

Hi Gaper,

I am going to leave the permanent ban in place for a few reasons.

I’ve liaised with Administrators about your track record and to say the very least, it’s not good at all.

If you can prove to us that you are capable at abiding by the rules and getting good vouches from other servers I’d be happy to let you have another shot.

For as it stands now I am going to politely decline your unban request.

Appeal Denied