Perma ban from OOC


**Admin’s CKEY: Chat


Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Bee

Ban Type: permanent OOC ban

Ban Length: permanent

Ban Date (08/02/2019):

Round ID: 8618

Ban Reason: IC in OOC

Appeal Reason: I feel a bit unfair went to permanent for one just because called someone brainless in ooc from ic and what do you mean again? This is the first time I got any ban from ooc that I can recount I also feel bit unfair that you just getting angry at me and going Perma just cause you wanted to read a book and so went straight to Perma so didn’t deal with things.

Additional Information: The admin only amping it to Perma because they didn’t want to bother to actually do things and prefered to be reading a book instead of actually being a mod.

The server ban is only 1 hour, OOC is permanent.

Here’s a list of your past OOC bans:

Banned from Roles: OOC for 3 hours - IC in OOC, saying antag name should be banned. Was angry in ahelps and didnt seem to get why its not allowed.
lagomorphica on 2019-07-30 11:11:24 (5893) [note]
Banned from Roles: OOC for 1440 minutes - Constant, consistent IC OOC despite being warned NUMEROUS times to cease. He also has previous bans for this.
lagomorphica on 2019-07-30 08:51:15 (5890) [note]
Extreme IC in OOC, and accuses admins of things to justify his own behaviour. OOC ban if he continues.
bilary on 2019-07-22 00:36:22 (5674) [note]
Banned from Roles: OOC for 6 hours - IC in OOC
bilary on 2019-07-22 00:36:21 (5674) [note]
Banned from Roles: OOC for 6 hours - IC in OOC
toxici11i on 2019-07-21 01:13:55 (5651) [note]
Banned from Roles: OOC for 1 hour - ick on my ock, decided to salt by saying "check if they are lings in the ling chat"
bilary on 2019-07-11 15:45:25 (5424) [note]
Banned from Roles: OOC for 6 hours - IC in OOC

so i don’t remember any ban for saying check for lings in ling chat if that means i said it kin ling chat cause if was ling i have right to say that to check if any lings

the admin thing I’m pretty sure admin that round was purposely fucking everyone over and they know it only gave because I was only one pointing it out others didn’t say anything because they didn’t want ban like me

You have Ick Ock’d more than any player I’ve seen, so I’m in for keeping it permanent. If ya do change, ya could appeal it at a later date. But in my opinion, it should stay.

You are such a repeat offender that I don’t trust you to not IC OOC the second this is appealed.


-2. Insulting someone at the end of the appeal doesnt help, btw. But the main reason for the -2 is you singlehandedly have the most ooc bans I have ever seen, and show no sign of improvement

-2 Seeing your past with OOC really warrants the -2 vote, you seem to be a serial offender and removing the ban wouldn’t be the smartest decision at all regarding your history.

Closing this thread and marking it denied due to negative feedback.