Perm ban by rukofamicom 02.19.2020

CKEY: 000xlynch

Admin’s CKEY: rukofamicom

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Sage (MRP)

Ban Type: Gameban/Permanent

Ban Length: Forever

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): 02.19.2020

Round ID: 12694

Ban Reason: Tiding into captain’s office, breaking locker and stealing ID on MRP as non-antag. Perma until appealed on forums.

Appeal Reason: Because I want to continue playing because I consider myself to contribute greatly to the station by contributing a lot - usually you will find me doing Research, building SM, helping sec arrest greytide, cooking food, making vaccines, etc. I always do my best to contribute to the station in many ways and I hope I can continue to do so with people who I now consider my friends on Sage.

Additional Information: I must admit to being guilty of entering captain’s office to hide the nuke disk. There wasn’t a captain so I was role playing as an Admiral who had arrived on the station from Centcom to help oversee the station.

I did no harm or bothered anyone. No station damage, nothing. I merely got arrested and peacefully allowed them to arrest me, while remaining in my “admiral” role play character the entire time, careful not to disrupt the RP.

I do apologize that there wasn’t a captain and that the HOP was too busy to handle the task. I didn’t mean to cause such trouble, as I did it as discreetly as possible and without hurting anyone.

Could we possibly lower the time of the ban? I didn’t have a chance to speak with the admin before the ban was laid down.

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So what did you actually do other than defend station?


There was a cult, so I went to security with my “admiral” role and instantly got arrested/cuffed by Zane Blake. I didn’t resist or anything, I didn’t fight back, just went with the flow.

They ended up labour camping me, so I broke into mining cult base and tried to stop the cultists there.

EVEN WHEN I WAS A LABOUR CAMP PRISONER, I still tried my best to help the station. :frowning: Loyal to the end.

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I think admins looking at this should also take THIS into consideration.

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I never got a chance to reply to what happened during that round.

The Captain and I agreed on round start that he would give me his Captain’s Jetpack if I helped him catch traitors.

Being a traitor and not under any “NT” rules, I figured it was a good trade, as the Captain’s Jetpack was my objective.

Captain gave me his jetpack and proceeded to powergame/valid hunt the traitors.

After he caught all of the traitors, he went and started a campaign to hunt me down.

I was SO close to being caught multiple times (over 5 times) while hiding in Science maint, with HOS/RD/Captain/HOP all running around with lethal lasers and shouting on the radio “HE IS IN MAINT”, with AI overseeing it all. LYNCH IS KILL ON SIGHT being repeated over command and security radio for a good ten minutes.

The whole time, Captain kept lying and trying to lure me out by PDAing me and saying “HOP IS TRAITOR, come out we need to get him.” Which I absolutely did not believe, because I had a headset and he was yelling KILL LYNCH ON SIGHT the entire time.

Now, I want you to understand, I am a very honourable person. If I say something, I will do it. If I make promises to someone whether it is IC or OOC, it is my nature to do my best to fulfill that promise.

I ended up having to spend a good 20 minutes in maint, with a disease, not being able to get medical care.

Captain was banned for this round for the reasons I stated above (power gaming, being unreasonable, hurting people, just a general shitler), but there was NO WAY in hell I was going to give up my green text after how far I’ve come.

I found out TOXINS scientists had already created toxins bombs. I didn’t have any time (I was very jumpy) to complete my obtain 33 research nodes objective and whip up a toxins bomb (which I had obtained prior in the round, as a dead-man-switch on my body, just because that’s something I enjoy doing as a traitor/syndicate).

I ended up using the toxins bomb/dead man switch bomb to take out the Captain, because he had me on KILL ON SIGHT.

Literally the whole station and their heads were hunting me down.

You can read all the logs you want, just check the Captain and RD’s conversations with the AI as well, all talking about “Lynch is KOS, Lynch is KOS”.

I feel it is 100% reasonable that I went to take out the Captain/RD/command staff before I left.

There was one good place, I placed a BOH/toxins bomb (once again, not made by me, I had no idea how big the explosion was gonna be) beside the shuttle command bridge, and detonated it when I was ten tiles away. I EVEN GOT CAUGHT IN THE BLAST A LITTLE.

I had no intentions to blow up the entire station like you make me out to be some kind of Cuban Pete Rumba Beat antagonist. I merely did what I needed to (stop the Captain and RD who were against me the WHOLE shift) and went to a pod, welded myself in so I could escape with green text.

It’s really difficult to see that post without context. I hope this provides the accurate context for those who will review my case.

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Ban time was purely because you weren’t on anymore by the time I got to address it, so I will shorten it now that it’s getting addressed, however:

You’ve mostly made small mistakes, but you are making a lot of mistakes regardless. just in the past couple of days you’ve: Threatened to metagrudge someone, bombed shuttle without hijack and now this as a non antagonist.

I forgot to hit send when I finished typing this two hours ago

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Well, I hope you see that I never try to harm others unprovoked and my actions are usually done with good intentions of helping the station in one way or the other, so I hope you quickly update my ban and reduce the amount of time so I can get back on.

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Of all the people I’ve beaned for tiding, it’s definitely the best case I’ve encountered - but regardless of why, you still broke the rules. Your ban will expire in a day, but really - think before you do things and make sure they aren’t against the rules.

Like I said, they’re mostly minor offenses, but you’ve racked up a lot of them in a very short time. I can only go easy on you so many times before it starts getting viewed as favoritism.

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You ban my boi, I will meta grudge you

Gimme your Ic name

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I don’t feel that this appeal in anyway is reasonable. You can’t just roleplay as jobs that do not exist and that you do not officially have recognized on the station. To expect others to not only acknowledge your self appointed title but expect access to places and in game objects you otherwise wouldn’t be allowed to touch just isn’t realistic. Your limitations in role-playing have to be within the game’s mechanics and you just can’t deem yourself as such things.

Just imagine for a moment if suddenly others began to do this to you and you had to respect their self appointed title and just endure with them going anywhere and grabbing anything. You’d be able to ‘justify’ just about any action. The ban is right and since its reduced since you explained your actions you should just wait it out hun.