PerishedFraud's complete mining design doc

This is an actual, joke-free design doc that I’ve made and updated over the ages for mining. I plan to eventually code it all, if not for Bee, then for purely personal use. (I am currently studying byond code more intricate than just swapping shit around.)

I am posting it for three reasons.

  • The first is that I was asked to post it by people several times when it was relevant. If you remember this, you know who you are, and I appreciate you for asking when you did. Yes, the mining doc is real, and here it is.
  • The second is that I want to hear what you think about it. I’m done with Bee politics forever, but trying to fix mining isn’t political and will always be an aspiration. This doc was made with one simple intention: make mining more fun, more complex, and more player-friendly for everyone while removing toxicity.
  • The third is to explain why I keep/kept making “The solution is to nerf mining” jokes.

So, I’d like you to give objective criticism. Call out any bullshit you see. Give suggestions for anything you think of. This doc has gone through over 25 iterations and has taken inspiration from many conversations i’ve had with people over mining in addition to my own ideas.

Who am I?

I’ve mained miner since I’ve started played on Beestation. I am a devotee of the job and an appreciator of its fineries. At the same time, I have also grown to despise the outdated and LRP-centric design of the job and many of its balance decisions. I am aware that the job carries a terrible history with it, but I want to improve instead of removing.

Without further ado…

Reconnecting Miners to Crew

All jobs are disconnected from the crew while working, but mining is on a separate Z-level that is not usually reachable by the average crew member, and even then, going to lavaland takes a long time.

  • Repurposes the gateway. A gateway is added to the lavaland mining base and the station gateway no longer requires any access. Doors inside the mining base still do. The gateway allows instant travel and thus makes miners interact with crew more often, it also allows easier rescuing or improvised mining by crew.
  • The mining shuttle remains, used for asteroid mining in case of ashwalker or swarmer infestation, or a boss camping the base.

឵឵ ឵឵

Removing lingering PvP/LRP influence

For unknown reasons, several PvP items are still included in mining. While the effectiveness or validhunting influence of these items is debatable, there is no loss in replacing/removing them, while there is potential gain.

  • The Meat Hook is removed.
  • The Antique Gun (Captain’s Gun) from the arctic base ruin is replaced with a handheld medigun.
  • The Banana Staff from the clown temple ruin requires the user to be a clown.
  • The Hierophant Club (item) is replaced. (See: Updated Boss Drops/New Research Connections)
  • The Tribal crafting tab is no longer accessible to non-ashwalkers.
  • The Eye of God is replaced (see: Shrine Ruin/System).
  • The Friendly Wisp refuses to leave its lantern outside of Lavaland.

឵឵ ឵឵

On Mod Disks (and tendril drops)

The loot pools of Tendrils/Puzzles were originally balanced for PvP/LRP. After the culling of PvP items, the loot table is left with an abundance of junk and few good items.

  • All kinetic accelerator modifications are placed into the mining vendor with point costs, and removed from tendril drops. Disks are no longer a thing, neither is the blood crystal, only direct mods. Basic mods still remain printable in the lathe. (See: Mining Equipment Updates)
  • The tendrils and puzzles now drop lesser necropolis tokens, which are not useful on their own. (See: Shrine Ruin/System)

឵឵ ឵឵

Shrine Ruin/System

Introduces a nicer way to progress on the lavaland-side of mining without terrible drops or pointless RNG.

  • All regular fauna drops lesser necropolis tokens on death - crude bony rings.
  • All tendrils drop necropolis tokens on death - red molten rings.
  • All megafauna drop greater necropolis tokens on death in addition to other specific loot (See: Updated Boss Drops) - ornate golden rings.

These are additions to other drops (See: Updated Boss Drops/New Research Connections), except for tendrils, which only drop the tokens and nothing else.

Tokens are tiny and stackable.

The Shrine
  • Introduces a necropolis shrine ruin with its own signal - “Mysterious Signal”. The necropolis shrine always spawns. It is a small structure containing statues depicting the beings encountered in lavaland. In the center of it is a statue of a heart with lava veins.

  • Interacting with the central statue opens a unique menu where you can trade tokens for items, each requiring varying amounts. Amounts are pending and will be assigned with balance in mind.

Minor necropolis token items
  • water bottle (reskinned into a gourd)
  • lava boat
  • immortality talisman (renamed to void talisman, smaller)
  • paradox bags
  • book of babel
  • necropolis seed bowl
  • blacksmith’s scroll (see: Updated Boss Drops/New Research Connections)
  • megafauna idols (spawns megafauna 5 seconds after use, only on lavaland if all megafauna of that type is dead)
  • more items pending until ideas are consolidated.
Necropolis token items
  • abyssal eyes (eye of god replacement, grants full effect but only on lavaland, works as NV mesons elsewhere, requires surgery, not cursed)
  • wisp lantern (won’t come out outside of lavaland)
  • rod of ascelpius
  • jacob’s ladder
  • teleport cubes
  • memento mori
  • frozen heart (cursed heart replacement, extinguishes and normalizes temperature on use, 10 sec cooldown)
  • prometheus’ torch (unleashes radial hierophant pulse, 20 sec cooldown. cannot harm carbons, size scales with damage like hiero’s attacks)
  • more items pending until ideas are consolidated.
Greater Necropolis token items
  • golden megafauna idols (summon empowered megafauna after 5 sec. only on lavaland if all megafauna of that type is dead.)
  • Dragon blood (now a reagent, see: Dragon Blood/Anomalous Crystal rework).
  • Core Drill (after 5 seconds of windup, mines in front of you once in an impressively huge area. 1 minute cooldown.)
  • more items pending until ideas are consolidated.

឵឵ ឵឵

Updated Boss Drops/New Research Connections

Connects mining to science using research, gives bosses actual drops. Makes miners less self-sufficient.

Blacksmith's Scroll
  • Blacksmith’s Scroll (see: Shrine Ruin/System) - From the shrine, deconstructing this unlocks the ‘Ignium Alloy’ node which costs 2500. Ignium Alloy requires Advanced Mining and Basic Bluespace research nodes, and allows access to the ‘Ignium Propulsion’ node which costs 5000. Ignium Alloy allows miners to print unique upgrades for the Crusher and Accelerator. Ignium Propulsion unlocks Ignium Engine boards, which are an upgrade to regular shuttle engines and a sidegrade to void engines.

  • The Accelerator upgrade reduces its base cooldown by 20% and increases base range by 1. 0% capacity, limited to one per accelerator. (If this worries you, click the final tab - Misc. Changes for an important PKA change.)

  • The Crusher upgrade reduces its base cooldown by 20%, makes it one-handed, and allows you to collapse the crusher into a portable form. It lets you stack two destabilizing bolts on the same entity for double the burst.

  • Ignium engines have the same consumption as regular engines, but are absurdly fast.

Hierophant Crystal

Replaces the Hierophant Club item. The Hierophant Crystal unlocks the “Hyperspace Travel” node when deconstructed, requiring Bluespace Travel research and costing 5000. This research adds Hyperspace Translocator boards to engineering and science, Hyperspace Wands to cargo, and Hyperspace Nodes to all departments.

  • Hyperspace Translocator - a more efficient teleporter using hierophant technology. It is a single machine that only needs 3 bluespace crystals to make. Translocators serve as both beacons and gateways. A translocator can teleport to every other translocator. These use a radial teleport just like the hierophant teleport, and cooldown between uses reduces with parts. Does not conflict with BoH.
  • Hyperspace Node - a handheld device which you can link to a Hyperspace Translocator. Once linked, using the device uses the old hierophant teleport and takes you and anyone nearby there. A node can only link to one translocator at a time.
  • Hyperspace Wand - A miniature wand used for mining. Does damage like pre-nerf hierophant, but limited to non-carbons. Lets you melee and use the square attack, but instead of crosses and chasers, fires a line like the respective gun from explorers with a higher cooldown.
Blood Rune

The blood rune replaces the cleaving saw. Using the blood rune in-hand lets you craft the cleaving saw, as well as analogues for the two other Bloodborne starter weapons. The rune is not consumed by crafting. Crafting these requires 3 runed metal.

  • Cleaving saw - damage halved against carbons. Works as a saw for surgery.
  • Hunting Axe - Mark foes by attacking at close range. Shifting the weapon two-hands it and changes it to only attack at a 2-tile range. Two-handing has higher damage but huge cooldown, unless you attack a marked enemy, in which case there is none and the enemy is pulled in to you. Shifting back deals the increased damage at close range too. Half damage and no marks against carbons. Works as a saw for surgery.
  • Whipping Cane - Hitting enemies at close range paralyzes them. Shifting retains paralysis for a moment, and it has a three-tile range while shifted, dealing more damage the more times it hits the same enemy in a row. Shifting back lets you keep stacking the damage at close range too. Half damage and no paralysis or stacking on carbons.
Ash Drake Core

Replaces dragon blood. Ash drake still drops its materials for crafting, miners just won’t have the recipes as noted earlier. Deconstructing this unlocks the ‘Flame-Absorbent Fiber’ node for 3000. This node lets miners print upgrades for their explorer suits and hardsuits, and lets engineering print advanced firesuits. The firesuit recipes require plastic.

  • Explorer suit/hardsuit fiber upgrade - Added to the suits just like goliath plates. This upgrade makes the suits look more brown, makes them fireproof and boosts armor while on lavaland. The explorer suit additionally gets its own helmet light.
  • Advanced firesuits - These are identical to atmos firesuits, but they slow down slightly less and hold big oxygen tanks. Also, you can make them, which will surely be useful.
Colossal Claw

The other arm, since the blaster one is the trophy. Replaces voice of god. Deconstructing this has no benefit for miners. Nonetheless it unlocks the ‘Energy Barrier’ node, requiring quantum electromagnetic research and weapons research, and costing 2500. This node unlocks two items for security - the Overshield Generator and the Flash Barrier.

  • Overshield Generator. This generates an energy field that blocks one hit from anything. (Upside: blocks one hit. Downside: from anything, including a paper plane or a slap.) Must be equipped in neck slot to work, cooldown of 30 seconds.
  • Flash Barrier - Brings up a durand shield for half a second. Cooldown of 10 seconds. Are you skilled enough for this to save you?
Bubblegum's Head/Demonic Nexus

Replacing the HECK suit. Bubblegum’s head has no use, but Centcom will buy it for 30000 credits, the value drops by 10000 for each additional head you send, up to just 10000. The Demonic Nexus can be deconstructed to unlock the ‘Sanguine Technology’ node for 5000. This unlocks the final mining suit upgrades and the Blood Manipulator in the medical lathe.

  • Mining suit upgrades - Changes suits to look crimson. While on lavaland, the wearer benefits from passive healing comparable to stable purple extract, and an additional, albeit small, armor increase. Still a sign of respect on the station.
  • Blood Manipulator - Handheld medical machine that can infuse blood into people from seemingly nowhere and fill containers with it. Restores blood to 100% no matter the type, including ooze but not oil. Use in hand to choose amount generated into containers. Normally makes universal blood, emagging it causes it to remove blood instead. Takes several seconds to use, so no cheese, only deception.
Miniature Legion Skull

Use this on a dead body to turn it into a living skeleton loyal to you, occupied by a willing ghost. The skeleton has a simple objective: serve your master at all costs. The prompt is “would you like to be a skeletal servant of namehere”.

Legion still drops the anomalous crystal, but it works differently. (See: Dragon Blood/Anomalous Crystal rework)

឵឵ ឵឵

Dragon Blood/Anomalous Crystal rework

Rebalances two equally bullshit items from a codebase of people who think ruining rounds randomly is funny.

  • Dragon Blood - Now an actual reagent, with a tooltip that says you should try adding remains from other lavaland creatures. You only get 1 unit of it. Watcher sinew, Legion cores, and Goliath hide all contain their unique reagents now. The watcher one chills you if consumed. The goliath one just gives you nutrients, and the legion one causes vomiting. Adding these reagents to dragon blood will change it to 1u of another reagent, each with their own effects.

  • Dragon blood + watcher wing = You turn into a miniature drake, this time with actual wings that can fly.

  • Dragon blood + goliath hide = You can walk through lava.

  • Dragon blood + legion core = You become a skeleton after 5 seconds. Meanwhile, your mood and hunger resets.

  • Anomalous Crystal - Inspecting the crystal hints to use science googles. Inspecting with the goggles offers a list of rare reagents corresponding to effects and a reagent that resets the crystal to do nothing. It does not reveal which effect the crystal gains from each regent (except the resetting one). This will allow scientists and chemists to work together and unlock a beneficial effect.

឵឵ ឵឵

Fauna Behavior Updates

Simply put, removes bullshit. I know there’s a bloodborne boss so difficulty memes happen, but mining shouldn’t actually be a player-unfriendly job. Also buffs the weak mobs!

  • Goliaths get a resprite that makes them very visible at all times.

  • Goliaths glow bright orange briefly before using their tentacles.

  • Goliath tentacles disarm and pacify for 5 seconds. Getting tentacled again while pacified will force you to go horizontal. Getting tentacled again while horizontal will stun you. Getting tentacled while stunned won’t do anything. The stun has to wear off first, and you get two seconds of immunity after the stun.

  • Watchers attack players that walk up to 3 tiles in front of them.

  • Watchers glow bright cyan briefly before firing their ice blasts.

  • Ice blast speed reduced to be half as fast.

  • Legion skulls latch onto the player, basically acting as an actively damaging embed. Resist to remove and destroy the skull over three seconds. Skulls deal damage comparable to an attack if removed immediately, but more over time if ignored. Skulls move much slower.

  • Legions will now attack the player in melee when given the chance, not only when cornered.

  • Yellow swarmers now hit like a batong, instead of instantly horizonal-ing you.

  • In the event of capture, you are sent to the station, not the lavaland base.

  • You will be sent over even if you died.

឵឵ ឵឵

Megafauna Behavior Updates

Removes bullshit similarly to the fauna update. Features more content since bosses have some truly stupid mechanics. Also adds new attacks!

  • Bosses no longer target the legs, including such outliers as the Hierophant’s teleport and any melee attack.

  • Ash Drake, Colossus and Bubblegum now have a short windup (compare with mech drill) before they melee, preventing glancing hits that can seem completely random with lag. These melee attacks serve only to force PKA usage in laggy rounds, and are rarely truly a threat (as opposed to bullshit).

  • Legion (big) will also perform the windup normally, but attacks instantly like before while spinning into you.

  • Legion (big) will peridocally summon bone hands to attack you. Getting hit locks you down momentarily and deals the same damage as a melee hit. This will be the Legion’s primary threat.

  • The Ash Drake will briefly glow bright orange before spewing flames, and bright yellow before spewing them radially.

  • The Ash Drake will shoot out a fireball during its second phase. It will glow bright red before doing so. The fireball has a 3x3 explosion radius, only serving to obliterate those hit instead of forcing fights in open areas.

  • The Colossus will now glow various colors before using its attacks, each signifying a different attack coming up.

  • Getting hit by death bolts applies the ‘Decaying’ debuff which deals brute over time, equal to the damage dealt by a death bolt. Death bolts deal no actual on-hit damage, and multiple bolts merely refresh the decay. No more instakills.

  • Colossus can charge up and fire a crimson death bolt, which will deal 10000 brute damage. The charge-up is obvious and takes several seconds, offering an opportunity to attack before fleeing.

  • Bubblegum spawns a single blood demon instead of his swarm of bloodlings. The blood demon rushes to melee you and has 100 health. It will teleport nearby on hit.

឵឵ ឵឵

Megafauna rematches and final area

Using the golden idols (see: Shrine Ruin/System) allows you to fight stronger megafauna. These are their features.

*All Megafauna has 25% more health and an additional attack. BDM has a whole phase instead.

  • Blood-Drunk Miner will teleport you to a small arena once he reaches 50% health, with scattered walls, based on the final boss area of Bloodborne. While in the area, he teleports after each hit he takes and heals if undamaged for too long. You teleport back after winning/losing.
  • Ash Drake will swoop up, then chase after you while spewing lava. This rapidly generates lava where you are with a small delay, while constantly raining fireballs.
  • Bubblegum will charge up, then shoot animu-style sword waves at you with his claws. Get hit, lose an arm.
  • Colossus will enrage and chase after you rapidly while shooting shotguns.
  • Hierophant will summon a ghostly clone that cannot be hit. The clone uses the teleport attack while the real hierophant uses other patterns. Hierophant will also do a slow radial attack with red energy. This will deal huge damage but has two single-tile openings.

Rematch megafauna only drop Necropolis Keys (well, and ores like normally). These are needed to unlock the final area past the necropolis gate where Legion lurks. You need one key per each megafauna, not just a bunch of the same one.

Within the area lurks…something. I don’t know. There are too many ideas and I haven’t selected one yet.

឵឵ ឵឵

Lavaland Elite changes
  • Lavaland Elites can all speak, not just the Herald.
  • The slayer of a sentient elite recieves free remote communication with the elite.
  • Elites always drop all of their drops. RNG-based effects such as the cloak and the legionnaire trophy now always trigger on hit but have a timed cooldown.
  • Sentient elites always drop tumor shards, allowing their revival.
  • If the Elite wins, they swap bodies with the miner, thus the miner becomes the enslaved Elite. They are not an antag, and this is outlined in huge glowing text. They literally become the miner, as a second chance at life for their feat, and the miner gets to keep playing too as a cool servant mob.

឵឵ ឵឵

Fauna Ores

Regular Fauna now drops random ores. Watchers still drop diamonds when butchered. Each ore has a set quantity. Crystals are not on the drop table. From 5 iron to 1 diamond, etc.

឵឵ ឵឵

Abyss removal and gibtonite update

Abyss is not threatening in the least, but kills miners quite often purely due to lag and low visibility. Gibtonite likewise kills you if you…mine too fast, get unlucky in a boss fight, or again, lag. Another cool idea on paper that just fucks rounds for no reason in reality. Away with it.

  • Tendrils now spawn lava on death instead of abyss. Clown temple now contains lava around it instead of abyss. The race-change ruin creates lava instead of abyss in front of the mirror.
  • Gibtonite no longer explodes, dropping as a shard instead. Collect shards to fuse them into full gibtonite bombs. Shards do not go into ore satchels but do stack and are small. The resulting gibtonite is large. (In detail: combining 2 shards already makes functioning gibtonite. You can then keep addding more shards until it has full efficiency, like one stopped at the final moment with a scanner in the current code.)

឵឵ ឵឵

Mining Equipment Updates
Locker stuff
  • Landing field designators are printable immediately in the cargo lathe, no longer in lockers.
  • Lockers no longer contain shovels, sandbags and pickaxes.
  • A large supply of shovels, sandbags and pickaxes in now in a crate in the mining base.
  • Lockers come with token pouches, for necropolis tokens.
  • Lockers now contain mining pouches, which are just reskinned trashbags for the belt slot.
  • Applied Bluespace will let you print pouches of holding, which are just reskinned trashbags of holding.
Voucher Kits
  • The crusher kit grants a beacon. Using this, you can select a variety of weapon skins for the crusher, similar to what chap does. Claymore? Warhammer? Naginata? You choose. Grants a survival medipen instead of a fire extinguisher. Stats remain identical.
  • The Extraction kit grants two beacons and two fulton sets as well as a survival medipen.
  • The Conscription kit comes with webbing, a medipen and a jaunter.
  • The Resonator kit has a super resonator instead of the regular one and contains a survival medipen instead of a brute heal kit.
  • The Minebot kit grants a survival medipen.
  • A new Mining Safety kit is added, containing two jaunters, two medipens, and a regen core stabilizer.
  • The webbing/capsule kit is removed.
  • The miner mask is resprited to be tiny and only cover the mouth. You can eat through it. It does not hide identity.
  • Mining jumpsuits now cannot burn up. Miners can currently immediately take plasmaman miner jumpsuits which have this property and offer no downsides while being very relevant for their jobs, and that’s very, very stupid.
  • As previously mentioned, now contains upgrade disks for the PKA.
  • Contains a death beacon implant kit for 2000. This kit contains three DB implants. These will issue a station-wide announcement once you die, broadcasting your location and coordinates.
  • Contains a Mining RCD (otherwise unobtainable) for 3000. The Mining RCD only has the function of placing floor tiles (namely over lava) but accepts ores as material.
  • Contains a fiery red mining cape for 5000. Wear it with GARs.
  • Removes healing kits for their overloadedness and spam.
  • As noted earlier, the mining base contains a functioning gateway.
  • It also contains a stationary medbot that starts unlocked.

឵឵ ឵឵

Tendril Buffs - Enraged Fauna

Attacking a tendril enrages nearby fauna.

  • Nearby goliaths move at double speed, coming straight for you.
  • Nearby watchers immediately shoot you, then alternate between normal ice blasts and brute-damaging needle shots.
  • Nearby legions run away very far while spawning two skulls each.

឵឵ ឵឵

Misc. Changes (some nerfs, some utility, all important)
  • The kinetic accelerator fires 300% slower outside of low-pressure environments, cementing its strategic use in space and lavaland but reducing its effectiveness otherwise.
  • The plasma cutter shots no longer delimb, and deal a mere 5 damage. They instead cause bleeding immediately.
  • Survival Knives and Crusher butcher twice as fast.
  • Regenerative cores only work on lavaland.
  • Jaunters will teleport you to the station and extinguish you if worn on the belt slot once you step into lava.
  • You can craft GAR mesons + NV mesons into orange NV GAR mesons.
  • You can craft the prophet cape + the mining cape into an even cooler mining cape that retains the effect.
  • Bounties for tribal crafting items are replaced with base mob components (bones, sinew, plates) and lesser necropolis token items.
  • Recipes for Firebrand, Bonfire and Wooden Barrel are moved to the plank crafting menu and use planks instead of logs. (Ashwalkers can make planks with spears or anything else that’s sharp)
  • Adds recipes to the tribal tab for the iron, silver and diamond pickaxe, requiring planks and the respective materials (toss the materials into lava or use the welder to smelt them).

឵឵ ឵឵

Traitor Miner Items
  • Dark Contract (8TC) will allow you to buy one forbidden item in the shrine for greater necropolis tokens. Get some classic gear like the original pre-nerf hierophant club, a fancy spellblade, or a meat hook. Does not contain hivelord core, blood contract, or other stupid shit.
  • Pressure PKA mod (existing item) will also reduce its cooldown penalty in high pressure, bringing it up to standard performace everywhere.
  • Concentrated Necropolis Extract (18TC) will mix with dragon blood to give you the drake transformation liquid.
  • Mad Hunter’s Coat (16TC) will remove damage penalties and enable special mechanics for the bloodborne weapons on carbons.
  • Kinetic Crusher Override (20TC) will let destabilizing force stick on carbons.

None of these are stronger than a revolver. PKA is pretty powerful but nowhere close, though it has infinite ammo (and is already a thing). Most of these items are very useful for making surprise attacks with gear that shouldn’t work normally, or for having a unique gameplay style if you roll hijack/martyr. The strongest would be the 20TC crusher override which might be fatal but requires a preemptive bolt (which they will see sticking to them) and a two-handed hit. You could’ve shot them twice with a revolver during this time from range.


Welp look good to me. Certainly better then what we have. However wcyi.

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However wcyi.

Clearly I want to get someone else to code this wall of text for me :^)
I’m working on it. I just have a long way to go.

Kero has read your document and thinks the solution is clear.

We must nerf mining.


interesting ideas, could work, some items like a token pouch and some way for ashies to use tokens would be nice

token pouch


some way for ashies to use tokens

being a miner is not needed to use them. anyone can interact with the statue.

Getting goon artifact vibes from this. I like it!

110 hours miner here

'' Lavaland Only ''

I also take issue with alot of the “Lavaland ONLY” effects, there are usually only 3 miners maximum and taking a look at the repurposing of the gate to increase the involvement of the miners on station means that miners should similarly become more powerful on station as the
other departments do. also if a miner decides to go asteroid mining, any work they’ve gotten done on lava-land instantly becomes worthless.


totally agreed, its funny to consider, when you really blow some shit up, the ground will usually just become Lava, like how station side it reveals space. I always consider it as what you and your fellow miners are walking on is a relatively thin layer atop the fiery lava-hell scape that is Lava-land.

I have little else to say other than these changes sound awesome.

means that miners should similarly become more powerful on station

I will ask you to have faith in me that giving miners anything obviously powerful results in unprecedented bitching from non miners.

But I will also ask you to consider that they still have explorer pens which are impressive heals, rather strong melee in the form of the crusher, and that PKAs are downright OP in space (try it sometime).

Another big issue is that eye of god and wisp are basically just thermal vision. Cool? Yes. But what purpose does it have other than validhunting on the station?

hmm fair.

I’ll fully admit, I don’t play miner for the more powergamey stuff so some of this is unknown to me, I’m mostly just there because I really find the gameplay loop of exploring, hauling and mild “I’m the guy who makes all the building possible” feeling along with the RP.


These recipes need to be moved to another tab in that case, as they are used by botanists and chaplains as part of their job.

Wooden Barrel

These recipes need to be moved to another tab in that case, as they are used by botanists and chaplains as part of their job: Firebrand, Bonfire, Wooden Barrel.

Good catch, and a bit of shitcode while we’re at it, what with requiring logs instead of wood for no reason. (Ashies can just make wood using their own logs with spears.) These could easily be moved to plain wood crafting.

So how will you please the miners who enjoy using Hiero club for actual mining?

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Its right in there under “necropolis token items”

Not to mention this would bring use to the Mining AOE mod of the PKA, which is totally overshadowed by the Hierophant.

You know, I gotta say, I snicker at the idea removing the emergency fire extinguisher from the PKC pack because you’re in cargo and the auto lathe is right there soooo, why?

Can’t believe you got alfred fucking colins to reply to your post lmfao, the hearld that mark the returns of dimas and botnisman

Anyway, looks nice! i’ve honestly always wanted to try mining for a few hours but my first issue was mostly ping (so rip trying to fight megafauna) and when i was about to do it they removed a bunch of items that i wanted to at least experience once, it’s nice that the miners get to have some of those iconic items as a traitor gear, concept looks nice! besides the obvious ?wyci it would look like a tempting thing to make as a Bounty and have it as a big collaborative project like Grods or the, now dead, xenobio-blob rework

From the updated boss loot section, you get to print this

  • Hyperspace Wand - A miniature wand used for mining. Does damage like pre-nerf hierophant, but limited to non-carbons. Lets you melee and use the square attack, but instead of crosses and chasers, fires a line like the respective gun from explorers with a higher cooldown.

Also yeah, the torch too.

You know, I gotta say, I snicker at the idea removing the emergency fire extinguisher from the PKC pack because you’re in cargo and the auto lathe is right there soooo, why?

It’s even funnier. There’s several extinguishers in the lavaland base walls.

Finally a replacement for the old mining room?

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There’s also multiple cargo bounties that rely on the tribal crafting tab, might want to remove those.

There’s also multiple cargo bounties that rely on the tribal crafting tab, might want to remove those.

While admittedly not included in the doc (i will add it now for posterity), i am aware and it will likely be swapped for just bones, sinew and plates.