Perishedfraud Thread March 23. 2022

Hello today I’m asking what the purpose of Beestation’s gameplay is. Definitely no Ulterior motive here. You can trust me. I have Fraud in my name.

On bee, we engage in roleplay, with some action, we do our selected jobs for the round and possibly deal with the antags.

Is it the antags?
  • Backed by rules and code.
  • Certain antags change how the round plays completely.
  • Killing them can end the round.
  • Effectively above all other players on a meta level.
Is it jobs?
  • Your playstyle for each round is restricted by the job you take, which is your choice.
  • The game and rules are also doing their best to restrain you to your job.
  • If all jobs work well together, the station is more prepared for everything.
  • Some jobs are fun.
Is it roleplay?
  • Plenty of opportunities and means of communication.
  • Several jobs focus on roleplay and are played often.
  • Supported by labels and rules.

឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

Is it really antags?
  • Antags do not roleplay and often regret when they try due to being fought immediately.
  • When antags do change rounds, it devolves into prep and combat most times.
  • Interacting with them puts you at meta-level risk unless you die or immediately yell in comms.
  • Antags end people’s jobs. Usually by ending people. Sometimes by sabotage.

So, antags conflict with roleplay and jobs.

Is it really jobs??
  • Most jobs have no real endgoal and will inevitably feel pointless.
  • You can die at any time from antags. If you prepare for it you’re risking bans.
  • Many jobs are designed to spend the whole game working without room for roleplay.
  • When antags take over a round, expect to give up your job and any goals you had.

So jobs aren’t really compatible with antags, and many aren’t with roleplay.

Is it really roleplay??
  • Most people will ignore you or give short, halfhearted responses. They aren’t here to roleplay.
  • Jobs mean that people are often too busy to spend any time with you.
  • You don’t really roleplay doing jobs together. When you do the job has nothing to do with it.
  • Antags do not roleplay. When the stars align - the antag tries to roleplay and you are willing, you are at meta risk for not giving them away immediately or fighting.
  • When people band together to roleplay, players discriminate against them.

So roleplay isn’t compatible with antags and jobs?

឵឵ ឵឵ ឵឵

The point


This whole MRP ruleset is shit. There’s no way to play correctly. You’ll suffer no matter what you choose.

  • Maybe you love antags and roll them, then most of your rounds are wasted. Leaving rounds or dying on purpose is bannable by the way.
  • Maybe you love jobs, then get ready to die a hundred deaths until you retaliate and get banned.
  • Maybe you love roleplay, then get ready to fish in a barren lake until you feel lucky just having a long conversation.

There’s no way to fully deal with all of it. Either your games will be ruined and you will deal with it, or you will have to tamper suffering with self-control.

If we were an HRP server, the game would be more fun because there would be no rush and people could roleplay. Antags wouldn’t be walking targets and meeting one wouldn’t be such a mess, which also means they wouldn’t have to always play hitman-style. This removes antags as we know them.

If it were an LRP server, the game would be more fun because players could enjoy the game’s combat system, which creeps into all departments, to its full extent. Players would no longer feel helpless, antags would no longer feel forced to stealth and be silent. Jobs would stil be viable as roads to power. This removes roleplay.

Most games don’t have roleplay. Be it opposing sides or even comparable antags (haha amogus), the gameplay is condensed, short and uninfuriating. Rules rarely come into question. Players enjoy combat or whatever other competition occurs.

Roleplay and the games used to facilitate roleplay are far more relaxed than what we have. Villains defined by players. Goals achieved through roleplay itself. Jobs chosen and performed through roleplay. When roleplay is the focus, it is the means to all ends.

Jobs exist in any game with different roles and classes. A group of players with different abilities working together is a tried and tested formula.

So, what do we have?

The closest comparison I’ve found is choosing to roleplay in fucking gmod.
It doesn’t feel like the game was made for it.
The things we have access to do not match the goals we are told to strive for.
Straying off the path is punished.
And there’s no real goal.

Fraud out. I shall continue to simmer in my stew until I make another unsuccessful PR or something.


I personally believe we should nerf mining


For the record, I’ve addressed pretty much all of your points several times over and pointed out the flaws in a lot of them. By now it’s exhausting dealing with the, by this point weekly, contentious rehash of the same points (and no, I’m not planning on doing it again)

Unless there’s something new, please keep this to one thread moving forward.


You can address my points a hundred times. It will not change what unfolds day to day.

But hey, what do I know.


You can make the same points a hundred times. It will not change what unfolds day to day.

But hey, maybe you could do some changes or propose some innovative ones at least.


Where? No for real, I want to read it.

Also I agree that most jobs are repetitive and shallow. RnD: maxcap, tier 5, upgrade, powergame with xeno. Engi: turn on SM, maybe wire soalrs, done. Atmos: replace some pumps, done. Cargo: distribute bounty sheets, move crates to ship, order stupid shit or guns.

Fun mode = sec: wait for blue, acquire shotgun, hunt valid, very fun and good. idk this is a low qualty reply, but I’m tired of formatting my shit in word or “”“thinking”"" before I post.

I feel it prudent to say that I’m not here to discuss or refute. Any and all of you are free to disagree with me. In fact, I welcome it!

Simply put - I know what I’ve said. I know why I’ve said it.

It’s only natural that I disagree with the response I’ve been given, and I know that what I’ve posted is not a repetition. That much I can say! But anything further will not do…

This is the ‘Perishedfraud Thread March 23. 2022.’ Nowhere in the title or the OP was there an incentive or beckoning to oppose me, nor to stand by me.

As it stands, my intention is merely for this thread to exist.

With that said. I’ll return to my simmering.

But hey, maybe you could do some changes or propose some innovative ones at least.

Hah! Another topic altogether. I do not oppose the idea, but I feel that any changes I’d make would be doomed from the start. But this is not the time or place for such discussion.


It really doesn’t. It just means they get to antagonize in more interesting ways, and when they do kill you, it’s more likely to be: kidnap and torture you to death, builds your trust and betrays you, or is so laughably bad you shrug it off until it is too late.

You see this a lot on HRP.

Part of this is that every job has little to no reliance on other departments. The best gear is easily mass produced round after round. There’s not many side paths full of interesting opportunities. The way jobs like science or medical on Bay go is a prime example.

The issue is the divide between what players want to do(less rp), what the rules are designed for(RP), and what the codebase is designed for(Less RP).

Coders are working to address the code. So that leaves Players the playerbase needs a change of heart. Players need to understand and accept that you aren’t going to be able to become a god round after round, and will need to accept that you’re not here to just wait for antag and then robust.


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