Penwin's Mentor App

**Your CKEY:**Penwin

**Your Discord:**Penwin#3139

**How long have you been playing ss13?:**A couple years

**Who vouches for your experience (if anyone)?:**Someone probably

**Game Experience (More Detailed):**I do not have any major holes in my knowledge, the only job im not entirely familiarized with being Chemist


1+ he knows stuff. Don’t know him IG but on discord he has dat knowledge drip


You were mentor before +1

get back in here dumbass


I dont even need to say anything since those hours are, wow.


Thats all you had to say, gamer.



Horrible player, worst human to ever exist, all he knows is table and atmos


Besides the demotion incident, player obviously has the experience for it.


+1, from the discord they seem pretty cool and to have a lot of knowledge.

-1 I can’t really vote or give a positive one since the demotion incident, it’s still too recent.

EDIT redacting and giving a +1 since time passed is 6 months, please do not pull dumb shit again.

Super12pl got approved to become a mentor on bee, and they were involved in the exact same incident, so i don’t really think that’s a really fair comment?

half a year passed

I’m going ahead and accepting at +7.

Please please please don’t do anything that will make me regret doing this.