Peacekeeper borgo!

Some stuff making it a more useful i would suggest:
Make the 3 solutions have the metab rate of 0.4.
Make the dizzying solution make ya eyes blurry.
Make the tiring solution tire to something like 70 stamina damage, for it not to be only for a small slowdown.
Oh and maybe give the borg a water bottle spray for slipping when running away? Not quite sure if this one would make it a bit of a grief.
And some emagged module suggestions:
The emagged cookie synthesizer is kinda dull. Needs 20 bites to be chomped, gives warning nessages and a blurry vision. Why not make it have 10u sodium thiopental at 1 chomp, just like the regular cookie?
Okay so im not quite sure if this one is true but does the electrification hug also damage someone? If so, lets make it so that the crush mode has some use and remove the electrification damage.
Quite a lot, but lets not make it a joke when compared to the security module.

Peacekeepers are already fine. They have the strongest AOE borg effect with the human harm alarm. It even causes brute damage which I feel needs to not happen. Other borgs need changes, peacekeeper does its job just fine.

I agree with shark’sie. It does quite a bit more than you would expect it to do. It’s definitely the best crowd control borg in the game.

But the alarm has a relatively large cooldown and making its hypospray a bit more robust wont be that bad

It’s hypo spray is really robust. I literally got a ling killed by injecting him with synthpax, so he couldn’t fight back. Peacemaker really doesn’t need to be any better.

The cooldown on the alarm is fine, because it’s almost unblockable.

If you want a borg with less cooldown and more permanent stun potential play a secborg. Peacekeeper is fine

Okay cool then, but what about the last one wuth the cookie? The emagged cookie should have some good use

Again, peacekeeper borg has a permastun when emagged and the harm alarm does ear damage on top of stunning. No

Tbh i didn’t even bother to read the full post because suggestion sounded kinda silly

The only thing that the peacekeeper would need in my opinion is ZIPTIES, because… sometimes you can’t prevent human harm, i’ve been using him a lot lately and while yeah, we have the super AOE that’s able to destroy unrobust lings, there are times when you can’t be the truly peacekeeper since well… People sometimes has glasses so, flash is off the table.
People sometimes has hardsuits so… peacekeeper spray is off the table (and robotist never research the superior hypo, althought i’m not sure if it works on peacekeeper… i believe it’s for the medborg only?? correct me if i’m wrong)
So yeah, even if you get to disable them with the AOE and drag one further away from the fight or whatever, they can just get back into it from ungriping from the borg and go back to do human harm, so that’s why i believe a form of zipties would be the ultimate form to prevent human harm. Of course it’s all over the basic premise of PREVENT HUMAN HARM, not to just go and try to arrest criminals, so yeah that would be very important to remark to people playing the peacekeeper so it doesn’t become the validhunter borg.

I think the lack of zip ties is fine. Considering you’re basically dead once cuffed, the peacekeeper shouldn’t have that much power, since the stun is basically unblockable.