Pavliko player report:32564

CKEY: ReneAngel

Your Discord: Cream#3976

Offender’s CKEY: Pavliko

Offender’s In-Game Name: Unknown [alien larva (708)]

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 9/8/2021

Round Number: 32564

Rules Broken: 14 Metagaming

Incident Description: Pavliko as xenomorph queen started in xenobiology/Atmos and later in game n2o flooded halls by carrying n2o tanks from atmos storage with them.

Additional Information: I personally don’t think any Alien would know which tank contains n2o or what even is n2o.

xenomorphs are already strong as they are, n2o flooding halls is just crippling crew even more. I have never heard or seen Aliens being depicted as so intelligent they understand foreign to them gasses and how they work.

Xenomorphs regularly smash APCs and lights, it literally says in the tips on the wiki page, to do so, i don’t see what’s wrong with this

20 character moment to fill in the page so i can post

xenomorphs, all of them, have an interconnected hivemind and prove themselves to be beyond ridiculously intelligent in any of the alien movies

100% a xenomorph could recognize the EASILY BRANDED AND RECOGNIZABLE n2o color coded the exact same on all NT station, and think “yeah imma break it”


I specified that queen was carrying n2o tank with them to specifically flood station halls, that means they know what it did and not randomly smashing it.

As Therosass said " just because they are intelligenet doesn’t mean they know everything about the station and our race "

they get memories from previous aliens, too, including the ones on other stations IIRC. It’d be 100% reasonable to assume one of them saw one of those cans, saw it put people to sleep, connected 2 dots together.

I’d like to also point out that N2O floods are ridiculously useless for xenos - half the crew is already wearing a gas mask by the point a xeno can get their hands on them, and if they don’t have internals on, then they’d have died from a xeno throwing a facehugger anyways.

At worse, it’s even worsening their situation, as it ensures people get facial cover.

You say that and I myself joined as xenos and many people were put to sleep by it, nanites we had quickly healed us from crit and n2o flood would keep us sleeping even though our nanites would be enough to get us out of that situation.

you are stretching how far aliens are allowed to be sentient, in that sense alien is a demigod of knowledge that knows every single job on station including many different languages just because “one might’ve seen it and shared knowledge in hive”.

Aliens aren’t dormant on our stations, they are an infestation coming from space, so saying one was lurking on station and giving information of human workings is completely wrong with how gamemode works.

The QUEEN did the flooding. Xenomorph lore itself should be the ruling here

their Queen appears to possess considerable acumen in her social behavior and manipulation of Human technology, such as cutting the power of the LV-426 colony and operating an elevator

If a queen can quickly figure out how to cut all power by targeting the right device, or operate a completely alien (to them) elevator with no knowledge of the labels or what the fuck it does ect, it’s not too far of a stretch the queen would understand canisters=gas, and that gas=bad for humans.

many people were put to sleep by it,

As I said, this is an unironic case of a skill issue.

I agree that Ripley’s knowledge is a fair play for queen to use, to find out if ss13 follows that can you tell me if xenomorphs are capable of hearing and understanding humans? including reading papers, if so then I have nothing to add and your point is solid.

they are capable of reading, but beestation removed their ability to understand humans (which makes no sense because even slimes can understand humans)

Then that means that Ripley’s knowledge isn’t cannon in ss13 no? or can you also blame this on coder skill issue like dumb crew not wearing internals was a skill issue

From the getgo, antags CANNOT powergame. The accusation and punishment surrounding “Powergaming” is only applicable to normal crew.

A more appropriate accusation is “metagaming”, but your report is still a flimsy one at best.

Like Howluib said: The Queen entirely has reason to perform these otherwise human interactions. Why? Because they are the Perfect Organism.

Question is, are xenomorphs just a borrowed concept or directly copy pasted to beestation including their lore, they can easily just be aliens that are not bound to xenomorph lore and them being “perfect organisms”

Yea , benos intelect varies from movie to movie, or one media to other, i think this is a valid question on how much a benos allowed to know about human technology and item

Sure apc is prerty straight forward, you smash it light go dark, but a cannister full of gas? You smash it then what? As far as we know benos dont need to breath anyway, more than not benos should avoid cannister, as they may have flamable gas in em instead.

But in the end, this is for admeme to decide

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Players are not allowed to use information gained in any way other than from their living character’s point of view during an ongoing round, except for information pertaining to their specific job found on the wiki.

  • You do not need air to breathe as a xenomorph! Feel free to walk around the outside of the station and make a good safe area to plant weeds and store plasma on (i.e., the solars, or toxins test area if no one is bombing or has bombed it). You can also smash down windows and grilles for an easy entry or exit point. If you get spaced you’re usually out of luck, though!

Xenomorphs know their immunity to atmospheric dangers, sans plasma. This is not metagaming.

Xenos are intelligent enough to fly shuttles. They’re also commonly contained using gas canisters, so logically they’d know how they work.