Paperwork signing

I wanna annoy people as hop, but the new syntax hint menu doesnt show how to do a signature.

You have to type %sign i think but your right, the new paperwork is really confusing.

EDIT: It also felt like a downgrade to me, as fields where other people can write stuff in, seem to be completely gone. You cant really have someone fill out a form anymore.


Overhaul paperwork @GameAdmin

Yep had two rounds as HoP and best people could do is add text below the existing form I provided, which was also unintuitive as fuck since the whole page goes blank on edit.

its tg style now IIRC, so %s for signatures. or maybe it was %sign. I know it still exsists though, i fluffed around with it the other day

Its pretty stinky the hint dosnt show that though yes

I actually dont mind the new syntax and i actually PREFER the new menu with the hints and such. The only thing i feel needs to be added is how to sign and how to make fields. That it really

Bruh imagine pinging admins for a coding change

Bruh he really do be like that. Send his character to space Brazil