Papa john's pizza rev round bug: Useless flash

Last round, got antag role as domino’s pizza staff AKA head rev, ordered to kill all heads and Papa John’s pizza employees. Hail domino’s pizza.

Since I’m head rev, I spawned with flash to convert crew into rev members. When I flashed random crew, it doesn’t convert the crew at all but made them go blind for a short time and crashed into a wall easily instead.

Ended up get robusted by random engineer later on. Looks like I found an annoying bug.

And also, does anyone knows what’s the Papa John’s pizza catchy lobby music name?

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Did you use flash on them or used flash inhand?

Sounds like you used the flash inhand. using it inhand will make people confused and smack into walls, but to convert you must click them with the flash which makes them fall to the floor.


Well, I used flash inhand in the entire round

you have to be in melee range and click on the person with flash in hand, not just spam z key to use flash

t. fucked up the same exact way you did

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