pAI Mulebot Player Report

CKEY: Malevolent Bacon

Your Discord: AllKn0wingDin0#0378

Offender’s CKEY: Unknown N/A

Offender’s In-Game Name: Silly Willick

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 12/20/2022

Round Number: 41895

Rules Broken: 8, 9, plus some level of silicon conduct

Incident Description: pAI got put into a mulebot, which got hacked. They used this chance to kill as many people as possible, regardless of alliegences.

Additional Information:

So, it was a pretty goofy round. Mining found a way to turn the die of fate into infinite use, so everybody was rolling it, and there were a bunch of wizards. Like, 5 of them or something. The pAI belonged to RD, I believe. I don’t know when it was put into a mulebot, but by the time I saw it as a mulebot, it was already hacked. So for the most part, the wizards were just messing about, not really murdering too many people. I did release a slaughter demon to make hijacking easier for me at the end, but I didn’t see much of what the demon did after that. So most of the station is sort of passive towards the wizards because 5 wizards hanging out in one place is a lot, and they would all die. Solid choice, the wizards weren’t very malicious for the most part. I walked by RnD, where the RD was, and their pAI starts screaming wizard, and telling them to run away, and shit. Clearly, the pAI has an opinion on the wizards, despite their general vibe. I get it, whatever. The next time I see the pAI, its running people over in a mulebot. Just anyone. If someone slips or is laying down for any amount of time, the mulebot would run them over as fast as possible, killed them. Both crew and non crew were affected by this. I know the mulebot killed at least 4 people, but I was also told in post game ooc that the mulebot also killed their own pAI master, despite that still being a thing once you get put into a bot. As far as I am aware, the mulebot was bound to a normal crew member. If the mulebot was NOT bound, then its just generic griefing, since the pAI was not an antagonist, and had no reason to be doing what it was doing.

If I am just out of some loop about the round, like the mulebot was actually given laws that told it to kill people with no specification, and no one bound themselves to it after giving it that law, then just close the ticket, and I’ll be on my way. Otherwise it was just generic self antag grief shit where someone who wasnt an antag got the power to kill people, so they did. It was pretty apparent that it was intentional, as well.

Report opened because post round admin told me it was too late for the ticket, so here’s the report.



Report Processed