OverlyAutistic expired Note Appeal

Title: OverlyAutistic noted by Tyranicranger4 and Vexylius

Admin’s CKEY:Tyranicranger4 and Vexylius
Ban Type:Note
Note Length:(!)=6 Months
Note Date (YYYY/MM/DD/): 2021-01-21 and
Round ID:28752 the other is not present
Note Reason:

Appeal Reason: The round 28752 actually took place in 04/12/2021 and was processed in 06/10/2021 so the admin had mistakenly processed it from that time even though the note should have already expired in 10/12/2021 and the second note lasted for 1 year even though it should have only last for 6 Months
Additional Information:None

@Tyranicranger4 @Vexylius

I heard that notes now cant expire, but i dont know if its affect the notes before retroactively

the headmin ruko(now ex) had said that yellow notes only last for 6 Months or has something been changed?

Well thats what i heard, i hope im wrong and it doesnt affect old notes like yours

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yeah I hope too :pensive: and does your first ban offense show up in notes?

I still have couple of notes to expire soon, if it didn’t change old notes for me why would it for you

Yes. We have returned to the old way of doing things - note expiration is optional.
In the firstplace, this policy stem from a great deal of confusion regarding the exact working of how notes expire.

the note that I’ve gave you have almost expired, but I’ll delete it for you if you want. Prolly learned your lesson and so on, whateverimage


Your turn, @Tyranicranger4

thanks appreciated

I don’t see any reason to remove mine early. It being set from the time the report was handled not the actual incident itself was intentional.

Notes really shouldn’t expire anyway, it was a shit policy.

so the punishment should be harsher because the report being processed took longer?

Notes are not punishments.
they are records of what took place and imo unless what happend somehow changes they should not either.

No it was a punishment since I was dealt with in that report. This situation doesnt make any sense to me if I had been bwoinked at that time and got a note for having not roleplayed properly according to LRP standards then it would have been already expired, but why should it now stay longer because it got undetected(I even had PMed Tyran the moment I had recieved that note for more clarification what happened in the logs but got no response)

Notes are not punishments ever, and like trycanical says the policy of having them expire ever was realy realy stupid.
This is not up for debate.
Wether or not to keep or remove the note stays tryranicals decision, of course.

Its not punishment, BUT it will increase the severety IF you repeat the same offense, aka it will increase your ban time if you repeat the same offense (correct me if im wrong llol111)

yeah but now my note stays longer because it got undetected for 2 months thats what im confused about

Additional fun fact: “Appealing” notes is not even something that we have to do. Its not in any policy, anywhere. If the facts recorded in the note are straight up wrong then of course we’ll change it but even that we techncialy dont have to.

So you mean if youre tip toe in the rule or straight broke it but no one catched you, its fine? Like let say you broke the law irl, but they only catched you 2 month after the deed, and you get probation for 2 month. You have to do the 2 month dont you? Or you say to the judge its already expired?

What no one is saying that, how the hell was I supposed to know that at that time I broke a LRP rule, please dont accuse others of things