OverlyAutistic banned by Yorpan


Admin’s CKEY:Yorpan

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one:Sage

Ban Type:Temporar

Ban Length:3 Days

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY):2020-09-13 09:49:37

Round ID:21227

Ban Reason: Walling of the brig with an RCD on greenshift. You have lost your RCD privileges.

Very very unnecessary Ban, I was Engineer and after I set up the SM I heard over the radio that Sec was being shitty to a Janitor I went to Sec and walled the 3 tiles next to the Courtroom NOT THE ENTIRE OF BRIDGE. I dont get why Yorpan didnt just fucking respond right away because ten minutes after that happened I was gone so I didnt know if some admeme was mad or not, I expected to get respond if it would have pissed some admeme off, since the fucking AI complained about me over comms. But what I dont get is why Yorpan just didnt fucking Note me incase I would do something like that but instead decided to ban me for 3 Days FOR SUCH A MINOR THINK

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That sounds kind of petty, getting banned for 3 days for walling that can be undone in like 3 minutes. This honestly sounds like an ic issue that could be solved with sec arresting the said engineer and brigining him.

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yes it is REGULAR walls and not fucking REINFORCED walls

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This has happened to me before, it’s literally just a prank and an IC issue. Bruh.

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He fucking what?

This is… cringe.

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@anon68259950 Pinging you since i am a nice person and OverlyAutistic complained to me in game. He seems to be a wee bit upset.

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I banned you from all roles that have access to easily procuring a RCD.
It is a 3 day ban from a few jobs due to the fact that you walled off sec and then disconnected.

you good bro? First, all people access to Cargo can get a RCD. Second I disconnected after 10 minutes, why didnt you bwoink me when cap had made an anouncment about me or when AI complained about me over comms DID YOU EVEN READ MY APPEAL. Also your making this across as if I have walled the entire of fucking bridge even though I only had walled 3 TILES. This is a so fucking unnecessary ban.


I was busy with other things, a 10 minute response time to tickets is not strange at all. And I have no idea why you keep mentioning the bridge, nobody said anything about the bridge.
I am still curious though as to why you walled off the brig hallway, you haven’t explained that yet?

I explained it in my fucking appeal why I had sealed the bridge by walling the hallway, how am I supposed to know if some admeme is about to fucking bwoink me, whenever I did something wrong I always ahelped myself to find out if the admeme sees issues with that or wait a bit to see a respone, but NO ONE would ahelp themselves for sealing the hallway of bridge and I didnt even walled the entire of the hallway only the end of hallway, WHICH CAN BE FIXED IN 5 SECONDS

If there’s shitsec, it should be ahelped. A station engineer shouldn’t prank or otherwise punish security for their bad behaviour. If you want to prank people, play as a clown. Also, not everyone on the station walks around with a set of tools for a wall deconstruction.
Three day ban may be too much though, I’d suggest a reduction to a 1 day ban.

Yes but I wasnt the only engineer around there were 3 others and a CE all sec could have do was ask an Engineer to destroy them

After receiving two second opinions, the ban will be upheld but reduced in length to 24 hours.

The exact rule that you should have considered would be the following:
“Your character is a grown adult working on a research station for a major company. You are a professional. Act like it.”

The prank you pulled could be justifiable with proper in-character reasoning, but taking revenge on security as an engineer on behalf of some janitor over comms is not enough justification unless you are a clown who should be looking for any excuse to prank someone.

Its not revenge it was a joke, I didnt use my RCD to space sec or fucking plasma fire them and I think you banned me in the first place because you thought I tried to evade a ban which is wrong, this isnt even ban worthy at best note worthy incase I would do a prank like this again. But I never repeated crimes that i have been noted or banned over. I did act as a professional I had done that prank after I set up the SM if I would have been a shitter I would have fooled around in the first place

I’m sorry if I misunderstand this reasoning here, but you can’t just continuously find new ways to break the rules and expect to get away with a note every time simply because you have never done something similar before.

This ban is as far as bans go, very very meager and just barely more severe than a note.

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