Other tips and player resources as well as a guide to stealing traitor shit too

robusting people

  • Throwing items to your target will deal damage, but you need to pick up the weapon, but some weapons, like spears and throwing stars embed in your target, dealing lasting brute damage

  • Other ranged weapons such as firearms have a slight chance to miss, but you can fire at at a range in which melee users can’t attack. But certain items and abilities can block or even deflect the projectile that is fired

  • There are two kinds of firearms in this game, Energy weapons (Such as laser guns) that can deal Burn damage and Ballistic weapons (Such as the riot shotgun) that can deal brute damage.

  • Unlike Ballistic weapons, Energy weapons can penetrate through glass, making it effective against targets taking cover on glass.

  • But most Energy weapons require a charger to charge the weapon’s internal cell, which is not flexible at some situations. Some energy weapons have an internal self-recharging cell, allowing its cell to recharge after some time.

  • Ballistic weapons on the other hand can be reloaded by inserting its respective clip/shell to the weapon, which is very easy to perform and fast to reload, but they have different reloading styles.

When attacking

  • Aim for the head. Knock outs when aiming for the head last longer.

  • If they have a helmet, aim for the chest. If they have body armor too, aim for the legs or arms.

  • Click repeatedly, but don’t spam. Try to make your clicks precise

  • Any object is usually better than your fists.

  • Harm intent is probably your best bet, however making an opening move with disarm to get you a few seconds of free attacks will make the difference in an even match up, and potentially end the combat early if you brought a strong weapon.

When defending

  • Run away.

  • If they’re too close, disarm, then run away.

  • If you can’t run, aim for the head to get a knock out and then run away.

  • If they give chase, throw objects at them to slow them. Some objects, such as metal rods or floor tiles do extra damage when thrown.

  • While running, click doors that you can open to try to trick them, making them think you ran a different way.

  • Hiding in lockers sometimes works. If they fell for the point above, just find a locker in a corner and most people miss it.

  • Remember that there’s nothing wrong with running away

  • Wear armor that is weak to the opponent’s weapon. If they’re using a gun, such as with nuclear operatives, wear a bulletproof vest.

other combat tips

  • You know what a fair fight is? The one in which you a 50% chance of being thrown off an external airlock. Avoid fair fights, Things that would be considered as “advantages” that would make a fight “unfair” -to your side or the opposing party- shall be discussed below.

  • You know what’s more robust than one space man? two space men, but hey, what’s even stronger? well, another member, safety is always in numbers, if you don’t defeat your enemy, revel as he isn’t able to constrict all of you, drag each other when you’ve lost the battle, or gank your opponent to submission. By all means possible, get numbers, changelings working together, security officers patrolling together, all double their combat capabilities.

  • ENLARGE your game screen, resize it to be bigger, you want your enemies sprites LARGE that you can click them easier, also, your monitor may be able to support a higher resolution than you think, which may also help.

  • Click and do not get clicked, Combat in one sentence, you get clicked? you lost. It’s here it must be said, moving randomly, and moving quickly, are all very strong traits to have, that’s why I encourage you to use satchels instead of backpacks, they make you faster, and avoid duffel bags at all costs

Play more, Fight more. It’s a truth, that as of the date this is being written, it’s second-nature to call people on the MRP server “unrobust” but, why?

Well, pretty straight-forward: Not much fights happen. Did you try the LRP server?

The fights are way more eventful, with little RP needed to engage a non round-ending fist/toolbox fight, I suggest playing on other servers anyways, as it enriches your SS13 Experience overall.

Ranged fights

are generally actually LESS fatal than melee fighting, the reason is: accuracy, when in range, it’s easier to flee when shot at with lethal fire, it’s also easier to dodge taser bolts and disabler shots, but shooting other spacemen is hard, so you’d say, but in a nutshell, you “can” get good at it, to a degree, if you follow some of these tips:

  • Lead your shots - If your opponent isn’t static, ie, moving, do not shoot where he is, shoot in his general direction, UNLESS he just arrived to the point you’re clicking him at, remember that projectile travelling time plays a factor, as a rule of thumb, unless very close to each other, your opponent can move one tile before being hit when you fire.

  • The Balance of Moving and shooting - Is hard to master, when you stay and shoot, you’ll have more chances of hitting your opponent, but same goes for him, remember that if you both stay in front of each other counts as a type of fair fighting, And you know from the first point that you shouldn’t take part in this, but the question is: “I can’t shoot while moving, but I’ll get shot if I stay at one place, what do?” Well, you just take the gambit, you won’t get better from being afraid from taking the risk anyways, and shooting and moving is a form of robustness, remember? and how would you acquire this without doing it a lot? Be bold.

  • Take your time and don’t panic - A shot didn’t land? Well, shooting another in the exact same second without changing your mouse cursor position? won’t land either, Think of this: When would you be more likely to land the hit? When you’ve thought through your opponent’s movement, When you shoot in the same moment, you’re just more likely to miss, if you miss a shot, re-think the situation, and begin plotting another shot, Spraying and praying? doesn’t work when the ammo in the game is generally constricting.

  • Shoot Vertical and Horizontal - Self explanatory, diagonal hits don’t always… hit, they require what I’ve said above, your opponent is moving, and you’ll have to change where you’re pointing, but when shooting horizontal, it’s just better, I also suggest that, when you get on the same column or row as your target, you immediately shoot, forcing your opponent to dodge the shot, very robust when used.

Other tips

  • Know your weapons- straight forward, do you know the conditions in which a pepper spray downs your opponent? if not or if you’re incorrect, you just don’t use the pepper spray, you don’t know how many shots are in an energy gun? You try it before you use it, how quick does an advanced egun take to refill? You’d do well to know before using it… just saying… how much does a chainsaw deal in damage? Etc. etc. that examples are endless as weapons are, just know what you’re using and this is a net edge if your opponent doesn’t know his weapon.

  • Stealth: 100 - Crazy Idea: don’t throw your grenades, activate it, put it in spare box in your backpack (or satchel if you’re taking this section seriously) then throw the box with the grenade in it, will most of the time get people who didn’t see it before, nice, right? Well, that’s how SS13 combat works, getting the jump on someone IS winning, sleepy pens are one thing that can down anyone who’s not an IPC, if your opponent is moving towards you and disarming you, move back and drop a slippery item, and then disarm intent HIM until he’s stunned, that’s why clowns are robust, you just don’t expect them to down you THIS easily, remember this: If your opponent doesn’t know he’s your opponent… he’s going down easily, that’s why IRL, undercover cops are so feared.

  • Fight or Flight, let both be available, minimize the chances of you losing, but even more important, minimize the chances of losing AND not being able to leave, fights in places where you don’t have access to? No. Fighting with a ling who can autism screech your energy guns away and make you into a confused retard for 10 seconds and get up from stuns immediately WITHOUT any numerical advantage? Hell no.

  • Keep the intents on hotkeys, so you can cycle them easily.

    • Help intent is a must when a group, you don’t want to push your mates away, do you?
    • Disarm intent is very robust, provided you have melee combat experience, seldom would anyone survive this, the greatest of officers got disarmed by assistants.
    • Grab intent… very peculiar, but there is one thing, you can glitch an instant aggressive grab in hotkey mode if you’re fast enough to click your opponent and press the activation key (Z) really quickly, you have good options, clicking a table applies a horrendous stun
    • Harm intent… Only useful when you’ve downed your enemy and have no weapon, Harmbatoning, but if doesn’t increase damage dealt, it does block enemies paths, but then I’d suggest you take disarm intent instead
  • Stun first- Winners aren’t the ones who dealt the most damage, nor are they the ones who took the least damage, if you’re cuffed and someone is grabbing you, you’re as good as dead, cuffing someone is almost always better than hitting them (Exceptions when your weapon STUNS while it hits, or has very high damage it has a chance to drop people from confusion, like sleeping carp and the “[TARGET] stumbles and falls!”) But you get the point, your opponent is easier to beat down when he’s down, you know what’s better by this correct logic? Preventing your opponent from getting up or putting a fight. Cuffs? A godsend, just make sure your stun is long enough before cuffing the opponent, you know stun times of certain weapons, right?

Non combat related player resources

Remember: DO NOT HAVE YOUR ANTAG PREFERENCES ON IF YOU DON’T WANT TO BE ONE, because i get that a lot regarding devils

If you’re security, i swear to god,

don’t keep your stun baton or disabler or whatever weapon you have out in your hand while walking the halls

like, literally

unless you need to use it NOW, you better stow it for transport

“but muh alert level”

no, fucking zip it, i don’t care

if someone sees your weapon in your hand there is a very good chance that someone will try to shove you over or table you or otherwise disarm you of your weapon, for their own personal uses

if you walk around with your security weapon in your hand, it’s literally one fucking slip, shove, or disarm away from your weapon falling on the floor and into the hands of a potential threat

remember: hotkey mode shift+e

this will draw your last used item from your belt slot (which hopefully is going to be your stun baton)

basically, wandering around with your baton out/standing still with your disabler gun in your hand when you don’t know what you’re looking at invites an attack of opportunity and it will end badly for you most probably

and remember, space law is flexible given the situation, if the station is in a state of emergency the crew have the right to defend themselves and act in self-preservation which may result in them committing crimes such as breaking into the armory to get guns to fight off xenos (or other terrible space monsters). It is important to work with the crew and use your best judgement. Yes a random assistant isn’t supposed to have a shotgun, but if they’re using it to blast away demon hell spawn invading the station then maybe do not arrest them right now


  • Hey AIs, did you know that if you turn off the lights in your sat, you’ll have enough power for the rest of the shift? About 5 hours or so. Your lights eat up a lot of power, and since no one ever really goes to the AI sat anyways, there’s no real reason to keep them on.

  • Buying the meteor defense shields is a very good habit to get into as cargo or engineering

  • Hey gamers, quick tip on how to stop a DELAMINATING engine: Change all the pumps to four way pipes with the rapid piping device, then I pump n2o to pure via atmos, then pure to engine! That can stop 90% of all delams due to heat and bad stuff.

Epic traitor strat that will make people salt ;

Step 1 : Buy sleepy pen
Step 2 : Buy poison kit
Step 3 : stab a random greyshit with sleepy pen to get rid of the generic chemicals in there
Step 4 : Put 5 units of initropidil and every other poison (MAKE SURE IT HAS ATLEAST 5 UNITS OF INITROPIDIL) into the sleepy pen
Step 5 : Prick your target
Step 6 : Greentext as long as they aren’t an IPC

  • The autolathe that starts in cargo (and can be built in science/engineering) can be hacked like other machines. Simply cut the wires till the blue light is turned on and the autolathe will be able to print a number of robust tools. Such as handcuffs, lethal shotgun rounds, knives, and the industrial welding torch

  • PAI’s can be inserted into all basic bots except the secbot (Beepski) and ED. This includes the M.U.L.E bots in cargo and Medibots. When hacked and teaming with a traitor these sentient bots can cause a lot of trouble while avoiding suspicion

  • Chemicals are stored and metabolized in a players liver, if someone has a large amount of toxins in their body it may be faster to replace their liver before dealing with the toxin damage. (This also means that liver will poison whomever eats it)

  • Flowering cactus and leaf mushrooms found on lavaland both contain a minor healing chem that can be used in a pinch

  • You can use goliath hides to make leather, first you skin the hide with a knife, wash it by splashing water on it or using a sink, then dry it over a bonfire or microwave

  • Goliath steak contains toxins when cooked in a microwave or fire. The only way to properly burn the toxins out is by cooking the steak over lava

  • You can always find enough plasteel to make a firefighter mech within the science department alone

  • BZ is a special gas found in Xenobio and can be bought from cargo. Even a single mol in the atmosphere will halt a changelings chemical production and slow their revival stasis

  • Attaching a flashbang to a spear will guarantee a stun on-hit even if the target is wearing eye/ear protection. While leaving you with a normal spear in your hands and your target on the ground

  • You can attach modular components (motion sensor, remote signaler, voice modulator, ect) to wires on airlocks allowing you to control them remotely (tie the bolt cable to a signal radio to lock doors on command)

  • Chemists can crate plastic (5 parts Oil, 3 parts Ash, 2 parts Sulphuric Acid) and craft plastic bottles (50u container) or large plastic bottles (100u container) to replace any stolen/broken/exploded beakers

  • Cyborgs can have their module reset by hacking (Unlock panel with ID, crowbar panel, remove power cell by hand, screwdriver hatch, then use wirecutters or multitool on the wires) which allows them to change module. You can also desync their laws from the AI, lockdown control, and cut off their remote camera feed from the AI/Camera Console/Camera Bug

  • You can also hack c4, it only has one wire. Interacting with the wire in any way will cause it to explode. (You can also attatch components to this to make a remote bomb)

  • You can splash chemical copper on metal sheets to make brass. This serves no purpose beyond scaring players into thinking there is a clock cult or free resources if you are a clock cult

  • Stabbing someone’s eye out with a screwdriver not only does destroy their eyes, it also stuns them very hard! To compensate however it does piss poor damage

  • If someone doesn’t have eye protection you can use a dropper to instantly inject 5 units of chemical

  • You can do the same with a damp rag from the bar but its their mouth instead


  • Having loot in your cargo bay doesn’t count towards your money goal. You have to use the teleporter thing to send it out and register it.

  • You are a skeleton, therefore pressure doesn’t bother you, you also don’t need to breathe(edited)

  • You can also sell Poly, the CE’s parrot for 2000 credits

  • You can also take people and abduct them ALIVE to sell as hostages on said teleporter

Stealing traitor shit

All of these guides are based on metastation.

Captain’s Antique Laser Gun

  1. Hack into the Captain’s Office using maintenance. Bring insulated gloves and a full
  2. Deconstruct the windows using screwdriver -> crowbar -> screwdriver
  3. Break the case
  4. Alarms will go off so you need to escape as fast as you can
  5. Since all the doors have been bolted, use your multitool to unbolt Quarters door
  6. Optionally rebolt it after entering
  7. Deconstruct window
  8. Flush yourself down disposals
  9. Greentext

Hand Teleporter
Very easy

  1. Hack into the Teleporter room since people rarely care about the hand teleporter.
  2. Defend your hand tele from the other fat noobs.
  3. Greentext

Captain’s Jetpack

  1. Follow Antique Laser guide to Step 2
  2. HACK into Quarters
  3. Steal the jetpack
  4. Remember to close the suit storage, more so if there is no captain as it will give you
  5. Greentext

Medal Of Captaincy

  1. Follow Jetpack guide to step 3
  2. EMAG the medal box
  3. Do not go for the metal the captain spawns with, medical will see him die on suit sensors
    and security will hunt you down. Also do not ASK the captain for it because they will
    realize you’re a traitor.
  4. Greentext.

Nuclear Authentication Disk
Medium to BYOND the impossible

  1. Follow Jetpack guide to Step 3
  2. Check to see if the disk is there
  3. If yes, take it, disposal yourself, and GREENTEXT.
  4. If not, grab the pinpointer (in the captain’s office) and track it.
  5. If no pinpointer, you will be forced to fight the captain as they will have it on them. Good
  6. If no captain or the captain doesn’t have it, start going down the HEADS line, one of the
    heads has it most likely in this situation.
  7. If they don’t have it, you’re boned because some random greytider has it
  8. However if you got the disk
  9. Greentext

A Functional AI
oh god what the fuck are you doing

  1. Get an EVA suit, four pieces of C4 (4 beakers of thermite or a sonic jackhammer will
    work too), an Intellicard, metal foam grenade and a toolbelt
  2. EVA to the top of the AI satellite, where the blue air pipe is.
  3. Apply C4 to wall beneath pipe
  4. Repeat again
  5. Plant C4 on/dismantle the SMES
  6. Throw the metal foam grenade in to prevent turrets from getting to you
  7. Rush in and deconstruct/C4 the reinforced window
  8. Card the AI
  9. Now just hide in a locker in space for the rest of the round just slightly off from an
    escape pod sight as you will be hunted. Make a break for the pod at the last second.
  10. Greentext

Advanced Magboots
Medium to extreme (if there is a CE playing)

  1. Break into Tech storage
  2. Deconstruct the second wall up using either C4, thermite, toolbelt or sonic jackhammer
  3. Take Magboots from suit storage unit and close the unit after!
  4. If there is a CE you will almost always have to do a high stakes sword duel to get these as
    almost all CEs have them on them at all times.
  5. Flush yourself down disposals
  6. Greentext

Station Blueprints
Very easy

  1. Follow Advanced Magboots to Step 2
  2. Emag or C4 the CE locker
  3. Flush yourself down disposals
  4. Greentext

Secret Documents

  1. Go into maint behind the vault with the windows
  2. Deconstruct any window. THEY HAVE WIRES UNDER THEM SO USE INSULS
  3. C4 any of the walls (Best is the far right, almost at the edge).
  4. Steal documents
  5. Photocopy them
  6. Drop the real documents somewhere for a greytider to find
  7. Greentext

Plutonium Nuke Core
bruh what are you doin

  1. Prepare yourself for extreme pain, grab meds from chems fridge if possible.
  2. The plutonium core is located in the vault inside the nuke device in the middle of said
  3. At a minimum you will need an engineering hardsuit, a crowbar, a wielding tool, and your
    special traitor supplies (looks like an emergency oxygen box in your inventory).
  4. Follow Documents steps 1-3 (in supplies box)
  5. Special Screwdriver -> Crowbar -> Welding Tool -> Crowbar -> Container

Supermatter Sliver
Honestly, you should at least try it once, but unless you are a master social engineer or lucky
enough to get this objective as an actual engineer this will be tough.

  1. Break into engineering/get a job change to engineer (will make life so much easier)
  2. Throw on a hardsuit and some mesons
  3. Make sure nobody is looking at you, if you are the lone engineer this becomes much
  4. If the supermater is active (being shot by lasers/fans inside camber are spinning) do
    not attempt this until you turn all of it off. Alternatively you can turn your MAGBOOTS
    on and HOPE they grip tight enough.
  6. Open up your special traitor supplies box, looks like an emergency oxy box in your
    a) If you are a blood brother you still get these supplies but ONLY ONE OF YOU spawns
    with them, check via PDA who has them.
  7. Use the provided scalpel on the Supermatter NO OTHER TOOLS
  8. Use the extract prongs on the Sliver NO OTHER TOOLS
  9. Use the tongs to put the Sliver into the containment unit
    10)Set up the Supermatter for real to prevent suspicion
  10. Pretend to be shocked when it delaminates
    13)Earn everybody’s respect. Seriously this is tough to do stealthily and depending on the situation

28 Moles of Plasma

  1. Break into toxins/ask to do toxins since people rarely do it
  2. Fill up a plasma tank TO THE FULL CAPACITY via putting it into a plasma container
  3. Press the max pressure button
  4. Open the valve
  5. Once the tank is full DO NOT EJECT IT until you CLOSE the valve again!
  6. Alternatively you can order a tank of plasma from cargo.
  7. Greentext

Unused Slime Extract

  1. Break into xenobio via EVA (Deconstruct or C4 the walls NOT THE WINDOWS)/ask to do
  2. Do not steal the rainbow or the gold extracts, you don’t need these and if there are any
    other xenobio folks around they will hunt you down.
  4. Greentext.

Easy if there is no CMO, Very hard if there is

  1. Break into CMOs office via maintenance
  2. Close the shutters on their office or drag the locker away to prevent noobs from
  3. C4/EMAG the locker
  4. Take the hypospray
  5. Never fight the CMO in close combat, despite being a doctor they are one of the
    stronger heads, their hypospray can instantly inject you with some REAL BAD STUFF.
  6. Greentext.

Ablative Armor Vest
Medium to extreme depending on how competent security is.

  1. Grab EVA gear
  2. Go EVA to the armory (Camera in between Security torture room and HOS office)
  3. Disable the camera you find here!!!
  4. C4/Thermite the wall. Deconstructing the reinforced wall takes too long and is easily
    seen by anyone with working eyes.
  5. Despite how temping it may be, only take the single item, the vest, most sec players will
    not notice it missing, but anything more you’re on thin ice.
  6. (Optional) Wear the armor out in the open to red text
  7. Otherwise greentext

Reactive Teleport Armor
Easy to Medium if someone is actually doing toxins.

  1. Get science access from the HOP for “toxins” (otherwise mission failed, we’ll get ‘em next time)
  2. Deconstruct the wall between RD and Toxins Storage since so very few people do toxins
  3. Drag locker to toxins storage
  4. C4/EMAG locker. Take the armor.
  5. Even if the RD is awake, most just take the hardsuit, not the teleport armor.

at the end of the day, stealing shit listed here is just one way of doing it, you got a shit load of tools in your uplink, so use your imagination one of these days

yes, all traitor theft guides everywhere are incomplete because everything in this game can be done a hundred different ways or more, this entire guide here could be replaced with, “convince the HoP or whoever stole the spare to give you aa” and it would be just as valid

Chemistry shit

The following is a list of drug macros, you input these via the chem dispenser.

  1. Press add recipe
  2. Name it the drug name
  3. copypaste everything after the :

The macros
Bicaridine (100): carbon=33;oxygen=33;sugar=33
Kelotane (100): carbon=50;silicon=50
Anti-toxin (100): nitrogen=33;silicon=33;potassium=33
Space Lube (100u): oxygen=33;silicon=33;water=33
Silver Sulfadiazine (100): hydrogen=18;nitrogen=6;silver=18;sulfur=18;oxygen=18;chlorine=18
Styptic Powder (100): aluminium=25;hydrogen=25;oxygen=25;sacid=25
Unstable Mutagen (90u): chlorine=30;phosphorus=30;radium=30
Saline Glucose (90): sodium=10;chlorine=10;water=40;sugar=30
Tricordrazine(90): nitrogen=10;silicon=25;potassium=10;carbon=25;oxygen=10;sugar=10
Cryoxadone (90): chlorine=10;phosphorus=10;radium=10;welding_fuel=14;carbon=4;hydrogen=4;oxygen=10;stable_plasma=30
Mannitol(99): hydrogen=33;water=33;sugar=33
Mutadone (90): chlorine=10;phosphorus=10;radium=10;welding_fuel=14;carbon=4;hydrogen=4;oxygen=10;bromine=30
Space Cleaner (18): nitrogen=3;hydrogen=9;water=9
Synaptizine(30): sugar=10;lithium=10;water=10
Spaceacillin(60): welding_fuel=5;carbon=2;hydrogen=17;water=3;oxygen=22;chlorine=12;nitrogen=2;ethanol=6;potassium=10;sugar=10
Epinephrine (54): welding_fuel=5;carbon=2;hydrogen=17;water=3;oxygen=12;chlorine=12;nitrogen=2;ethanol=6
Salt (anti-cultist)(100): water=33;chlorine=33;sodium=33
Potassium iodine (100): potassium=50;iodine=50
Pentetic acid (54u): stable_plasma=1;radium=1;phosphorus=1;welding_fuel=4;carbon=4;hydrogen=16;nitrogen=4;oxygen=14;oxygen=12;ethanol=12;silver=12;oxygen=10;oxygen=12;hydrogen=36;nitrogen=12;sodium=36;chlorine=36;welding_fuel=36
Antihol + Inacusiate + Oculine Step 01/02: sodium=5;chlorine=5;water=5;welding_fuel=5;carbon=5;hydrogen=5
Antihol + Inacusiate + Oculine Step 02/02: carbon=20;ethanol=10;copper=10;water=10;hydrogen=10 and then heat the mix
Lipolicide (36u): hydrogen=17;nitrogen=3;ethanol=9;sugar=6;welding_fuel=2;carbon=2;mercury=12

Drug usage:
(On touch) = must be applied via a patch.
(Ingested) = can be ingested via drinking/pills/injected
(Injected) = Must be injected via a syringe
(NOT A DRUG) = Isn’t a drug stupid, don’t put this in people but it’s a useful thing
/ADV = it’s an advanced drug, meaning until you get upgrades the chem machine can’t make it from macro at all.
/MAX = needs all chem machine upgrades to macro, normally you’re going to be making these by hand.
Bicaridine (Ingested) = Heals brute damage at a rate of 2 units per tick.
Kelotane (ON TOUCH) = heals burn damage at a rate of 2 units per tick, can be ingested for less effect.
Anti-toxin (ingested) = heats 2 toxin damage and removes 1u of other chemicals per tick.
Silver Sulfadiazine (ON TOUCH) = 1 burn damage per unit healed and 2 more over time
Styptic powder (ON TOUCH) = heals 1 brute damage per unit and 2 over time
Saline Glucose (ingested) = 33% chance per metabolism cycle to heal .5 brute and burn damage, can be used as blood if hooked up via IV
Tricordrazine (ingested) = 80% chance per teck to heal 1 damage of all types
Cryoxadone (injected) = Makes cryogenics go. Heals all types of damage but only if person is in cyro sleeper
Mannitol (ingested) = Heals 2 brain damage per tick, works better if person is in cyro. Does not heal tramas!
Mutadone (ingested) = instantly removes your genetic mutations. HULKS HATE IT!
Unstable Mutagen) This is for botanists only
Space Cleaner (NOT A DRUG) = this can clean almost any surface.
Synaptizine (ingested) = Reduces stun times by around 30%, helps drowsiness and hallucinations go away faster. Also purges Mindbreaker toxin at 5u per tick.
Spaceacillin (ingested/ADV) = All-purpose antiviral agent also prevents you from spreading viruses in your body.
Epinephrine (Ingested/ADV) = Prevents oxygen damage from crit state. Also heals .5 crit oxyloss, brute, and burn. 20% chance to reduce stun times. Worse than Atropine for crit patients but better for mid-combat use.
Salt (ingested) = Prevents a few select toxins/viruses. Stops all stages of cultist virus.
Pentetic acid (ingested/MAX) = reduces high levels of radiation and heals 2 toxin damage per tick while purging 2u of other chemicals from the body
Potassium Iodide (ingested) = reduces low radiation damage very effectively.
Antihol + Inacusiate + Oculine (ingested) = SUPER DRUG, removes all eye problems, ear damage, alcohol, drowsiness, slurring, dizziness, confusing, heals .2 toxin per tick
Oculine (ingested) = Quickly heals eye damage and has 20% chance per tick to revert blindness. Doesn’t work on genetic blindness which needs mutadone.
Inacusiate (ingested) = removes all ear damage, doesn’t work on genetic deafness which needs Mutadone.
Antihol (ingested) = Removes alcohol from the body, elimminates ill effects due to drunkeness. Also heals .2 toxin per tick.
Lipolicide (ingested) = Drains nutrition. Useful for weight loss. Will deal toxin damage if you are starving.

Commonly made drugs that must be made by hand until MAX chem upgrades
Pentetic Acid
Add 5u Carbon, Hydrogen, Nitrogen, Welding Fuel
Add 15u Hydrogen, Oxygen
Remove 30u
Heat to 380°K
Add 5u Ethanol, Oxygen, Silver
Heat to >420°K
Add 5u Nitrogen
Add 15u Chlorine, Hydrogen, Sodium, Welding Fuel

Add 15u Hydrogen
Add 5u Nitrogen
Add 15u Ethanol
Remove 20u
Get a separate beaker
Add 10u Welding Fuel, Carbon, Hydrogen
Add 15u Welding Fuel, Oxygen, Water, Chlorine
Remove 70u
Add 20u of the resulting Acetone and Phenol to the main beaker
Add 10u Oxygen, Chlorine, Hydrogen
Remove 15u
Add 15u Oxygen, Potassium, Sugar

Add 15u Ethanol+Hydrogen, 5u Nitrogen
Remove 15u
Add 5u Carbon, Hydrogen, Welding Fuel
Add 5u Chlorine, Oxygen, Water, Welding Fuel
Add 15u Chlorine, Hydrogen, Oxygen
Remove 5u Oil with ChemMaster

Synthflesh (only made by hand, make patches)
Put 20u Blood in a beaker
Add 5u Aluminum, Hydrogen, Oxygen, Sulphuric Acid
Add 20u Carbon

Add 5u Sodium, Chlorine, Water
Add 5u Welding Fuel, Carbon, Hydrogen
Heat to >480°K
Add 15u Carbon, Hydrogen

Add 5u Sodium, Chlorine, Water
Add 5u Welding Fuel, Carbon, Hydrogen
Heat to >480°K
Add 15u Carbon, Water

Add 5u Sodium, Chlorine, Water
Add 5u Welding Fuel, Carbon, Hydrogen
Heat to >480°K
Add 15u Ethanol, Copper

Super 50 tile acid nade:

  1. Get sheet metal from medical lithe
  2. get cable and screw driver from chemical table
  3. Make sheet metal into nade casing, use cable on them to turn into nade.
  4. In medical 100 beaker fill with:
    20 units of: Sulphuric acid, Fluorine, Hydrogen, Potassium
    recipe = sacid=20;fluorine=20;hydrogen=20;potassium=20
  5. Put this mixture in the chemical heater at 1000k
  6. Get small beaker and add:
    20 units of: Phosphorus and potassium (this is smoke)
  7. Take the florous acid and add 20 units of sugar to it
  8. Put both of these into a nade
  9. Use a screw driver on nade to finish it

Back on topic

  • You can always use a spear for lockers if you don’t want c4, throw the spear at it a good 14 or so times and boom

  • gamer moment, you don’t need to use the HoP’s console for ID Changes, captain’s office, arrivals security post, and bridge have them, as well as the HoP’s PDA app (the amount of people i’ve seen hack to captains for spare then run to HoP is kinda suprising)

  • Advanced Engineering goggles can scan for door wires. Example on what it looks like:
    Cyan (Main Power 1)
    Crimson (Bolts)
    Silver (Test)
    Gold (Main Power 2)
    Advanced Multitools also do this

  • Reminder you can throw bodies into doors to open said door if they have the access

  • You can wrap up any weapon with package wrap and beepsky won’t arrest you for it

  • Due to how it works, you can also removed cursed items, like the cursed katana, by wrapping it in package wrap

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