Oshibka player report

In-game report:

   CKEY: Shark-sie

   Your Discord: Happy_never_after#7540

   Offender’s CKEY: Oshibka

   LRP or MRP server: LRP

   Offender’s In-Game Name: Dimas Valozk

   Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 11/25/2019

   Round Number: 9504

   Rules Broken: 1, 2, 3, 7

   Incident Description: Be me, chuck le-fuck assisstant doing assistant things. Station is on fire, EVA is open, so I grab a suit and go for a space walk while waiting for shuttle. See that the armory is open, and empty, and the subsequent door is also open. I walk in looking for shades, see Imhotep walk up obviously to arrest, and figure ill be arrested, argue the door was open, be let out of sec and told to fuck right off. NOPE. Dimas pops a shotgun in my throat and kills me, while I plead and say no I just wanted shades the wall was already open and so was the door. No search, you can pull the logs on that one, just executed while saying "DIE. TOO BAD. DIE" then imhotep finsihed me off with his T-shield. 

   Additional Information:

To demarcate this further as to why I wrote a report for what would USUALLY be an IC issue:


Self-antag and killbaiting. Stole insulated gloves from someone, when they tried to get it back by stunning him he in return escalated to murder, after they had already been stamina critted.


critted and left to die a scientist for researching nanites on war ops, . overescalation, has 6 pages of notes. you know better. auth by zesko


Killed fellow Syndicate Lavaland member because he saw them killing someone who attacked them, and without any context, chose to shoot them with a .50 cal. I understand killing people who attack your co workers, but you should atleast understand the situation before being so gung-ho.


In a confirmed War Ops round, killed 3 people with the excuse of ‘killing losers who are attacking me’, fully knowing the validity rules in the server and having done such things before. 1 week for every kill. Appeal on forums.


Overescalation x5 and notes showing how its not their first time.


Collection of security notes, known shitter. Appeal on Forums.


Has a previous history of being a shitter, killed someone because he got attacked for saying he was going to kill them.


Please for the love of god follow space law and don’t let cat people get hung up and stabbed to death on a meat spike in security.

Yea I’m going to be honest I really don’t care for Dimas anymore. The stuff he did was funny, but now it’s just really annoying or borderline greifing or actually greif. Like when he plays now he really does nothing to contribute to the round or the stuff he dose is just boring or annoying now. He’s lost his luster and I don’t know how long he can hold on.

Questions was dimas a sec officer?
Also in what rooms did you get in exactly?

it’s almost if being in the armory is valid, woah

I assume they walked through the armory into the sec equipment room with the lockers and while in there they were blasted. They expected to be arrested or told to get out, but at that point Dimas walked in with the HOS (or after) and blasted them into crit and while on the ground Shark pleaded for their life. After that they were subsequently beaten to death
But that doesn’t justify killing a person unarmed and without question. This is a situation of gross overesclation. The council rule info for escalation says if the person is trespassing in high sec areas they are to be Passively put down or to be critted but saved.

If you are in a high sec area you are valid, hence why the warden kills people for getting into the armory or captain kills for invading his room.

It doesn’t tho what makes you valid is if you and quote 1. IF they go completely hostile (Attacking first and non-stop), they use a weapon or come back to your workplace for a 3rd time (or with a weapon such as a baseball bat), you may validly kill them.

You are TECHNICALLY valid as soon as you walk into the armory, (it’s the place where the guns be at) so lethal force is authorized as long as you are in there, but it’s kind of a jerk move to kill instead of crit.

You aren’t really still armed and dangerous if you hand everything over to security though, and let yourself get arrested. Perfect time to use the surrender emote.

And for high sec areas you should go to step 3 and passively remove them or crit but don’t kill.

Hmm. I don’t want this to come off as rude or anything, but if someone is or has been in the armoury, they are to be considered armed and dangerous according to space law, as well as basic common sense. You are both allowed and encouraged to detain or disable someone at all costs.

Ok thank you for elaborating on that mark.

But I will stand by my case of how it could of been handled in a much better way instead of killing them with not questions asks. There are much better ways to take some one out passively. The HOS has access to disablers flashbangs flashes stunbatons OR they could of soft crit them and healed them in a cell. But they beat them to death no questions asked didn’t even search them. That’s the problem here sir. They didn’t even bother to see if he was armed (before and after) and killed him.

Real question is, did they handcuff shark’sie first, (which is what it sounds like) or did they just run up and blast him for being in the armory. If it’s the first one, it sounds like an issue, because there really isn’t a reason to kill some one in handcuffs. If it was the second one, it seems like less of an issue, because he had been in the armory, and he could have potentially been armed.

I personally would have crit, then searched though.

And sorry if I’m also coming off as rude as well.
And while you are right Mark that someone that has been in the armory is considered armed and dangerous. The problem is they killed him left him for dead with no search. While they are considered armed and dangerous this according to the trespassing ruling doesn’t mean they are valid unless they shoot first or is hostile. That’s when they are valid. While space law says they should be subdued at all costs that shouldn’t mean to shoot them into crit and beat them to death no questions asked.

For clarity: the armory had ALREADY been burned to the ground by someone else. Dimas was captain and just wanted a valid. Armory had NO GUNS and ARMSKY wasnt even inside. It was no longer the armory it was an empty burned down room. I was handcuffed, not a threat, and they made NO ATTEMPT TO SEARCH ME.

Edit; Armsky was deactivated inside the security equipment room which is where I was spotted

Imhotep taser and cuffed me. Dimas stuck a shotgun in my mouth and did the emote for execution, I had time to argue and say what the fuck and he did it anyways.

Well valid salid.

IC issue

I dont see how this is valid.
The armory was EMPTY. no guns. Nothing. All but one sec locker was locked, I picked up a vest and helmet, dropped both, and was killed for it.

Invasion of high security areas makes you valid for sec, it goes from player preference if they will either kill you or gullag you for major tresspassing

Incorrect. Maximum force is permitted to SUBDUE. I was subdued and not searched.

Edit: Unauthorized personnel in the armory are considered by default to be Armed and Dangerous, maximum force is permitted to subdue such targets.