Oshibka engineer banned by billary (DINDU NUFFIN)

CKEY: Oshibka

Admin’s CKEY: Billary (I forgot)

Is this for both servers or just one? If so, which one: Both

Ban Type: Role ban

Ban Length: permanent
Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Forgot

Round ID: Forgot

Ban Reason: Threw self into SM without setting up cooling loop.

Appeal Reason: Well now that I’m a much more competent engineer, I think I should be unbanned because I probably won’t delam the SM with my corpse.
Additional Information:

luhmayo why ban him for that maybe he is a new player and doesnt know about the o2 tank and suicide comand in the sm 3 by 1 area to make miasma?

That actually explains why you kept setting up the SM as an assistant, instead of picking the engineer role.

Didn’t you delam the sm so hard on hippie it was posted to reddit?

Delamming the SM is a fun experience bass, unbeliveable you never made a stable delamm to farm anomalies

I never really learned engineering well enough to handle bans on it. So I have no opinion on this. BUUUUUTTT it’s out there.

solid choice for administration

Solid choice for administration

You can do alot of shit with the SM , brake it bend it and still get it working normally tbh considering how the ban is old it should be lifted and he is a bit compentent even if a retard


Bilary is no longer around, and oshibka now knows better. Sure, ill apply a good word toward your unban from engineer, diams. But dont you be settin up no singulos or nothin now

A PEN dealmanated fhe SM? That thing is freaking fragile.

Any item does the same reaction to the SM, starts an inertia chain, coolant stops them, no coolant = delam

…due to no real negative input from other Admins, I’ll be removing this ban. DO NOT fuck up. I won’t be vouching for further unbans unless they’re absolutely retarded.