Oshibka banned by mini meatwad : return of the sith

Discord ID: Oshibka#7280

Admin Discord ID: Minimeatwad#?

Ban Type: Discord ban

Ban Length: Permanent

Ban Date (MM/DD/YYYY): Forgot

Ban Reason: Posting NSFW in general

Appeal Reason: I’ve reflected on my past decisions and I felt like coming back to this community. I’ll try to not post nutshack porn in general this time, promise.

Additional Information:

Pinky promise?

I want ya back but ya really know ya shouldn’t post that.

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Pinky promise bro …

What Rue said. We want ya back, but we need to be sure you won’t do it again. Seriously.

don’t break discord rules and you can come back, k mom?

things has changed round the grove since you was gone

aight we’re in accordance, don’t break the rule again

Unbanned but I’m gonna go ahead and call this your last chance.

ah i knew it would happen one day

now that it’s official


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They got destroyed that round. I killed him 2 minutes into him arriving