Orion Galatea Player Report 43220

CKEY: Wrill

Your Discord: Wrill#3352

Offender’s CKEY: ???

Offender’s In-Game Name: Orion Galatea

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 03/20/2023

Round Number: 43220

Rules Broken: R1, R2?

Incident Description: As captain, in the middle of a trial, saw a cuffed, legcuffed heretic jaunt into the trial, and immediately rushed to stab them to death, even when they were stunned by security. Continued stabbing after their death and immediately ordered “burning” of the heretic (presumably cremation).

There was no attempt at roleplay. The captain saw them and rushed to secure the kill with absolutely nothing said while at no personal risk.

Additional Information: The heretic’s name was emboes jackson, I think?

Was handled somewhat in-round by me, but there was also another incident with DANIEL being ordered to be cremated on the spot too, even getting decrewed so they could be arrested without AI’s interfierence.
I just… didn’t have the energy to handle it in-round at that point.

And no, Space Law doesn’t say that Heretics must always be executed, but that EOTC can be applied to them without holding a trial.

To be fair, DANIEL had already been given a trial and released earlier. Emboes, however, should have been brought to the evidence room like I had asked, instead of being immediately burned.

Emboes got shanked 25 times by the Captain if I remember correctly, but that already got resolved in-round by me, as I said.

Didn’t see Emboes was cuffed, saw the jaunt, which I was certain in character was heretical magic, Orion feared for his life, and exercised his privilege as the captain to defend himself and use appropriate force to field execute the 405 heretic.

I would like to point out that yes, this was during a trial of an accused heretic, which made me think two things upon the second heretic’s arrival:
1 - This is a jailbreak. We’re in combat.
2 - Starting to talk would be a capital-B Bad idea.

As for burning, we were in the middle of a public place and there was a clear IC reason for the words “Burn the heretic.” to be uttered. In my mind I saw a stake in the chapel, but I also accept responsibility for that being interpreted as cremation, as I believe that also is well within the captain’s prerogative for dealing with proven heretics.

hi i was daniel. ( i was the person beign trialed) but got charged with onyl contraband poession. i then escape security from my base in disposals after calling them because of a murder there. i get teleporter to perma then to AI sat where i try to flee ( get stunned a lot) the AI WAtcher ( dont know the exact name) they after we tlaked told me to go so i went into the next room where i got stunned by pingsky and cuffed. i resist out of the cuff and run and try to kill pingsky with my heretic hand but fail. then i get stunned until suddently i get lethaled. from dchat and wilson i think i understood thats the sec offcier sebsatian something ( forgot last name) decrewed me and told the AI cora ( who was on asimov) to kill me. he then went and rethrieved my body and broguht him to brig where he suggest bruning him and the captain ( orion) agreed to it and i got burned by the officer.
I have not commited any violant crimes or severe crimes ( except maybe tresspass into high secure areas via porting to the AI sat randomly) and beign a heretic. in the entire roudn i also have complied with sec and did not resist them in anyway.

I should clarify this report is about orion wordlessly securing the kill on emboes while they were already being stunned and neutralised by sec, without any attempt at communication.

Wueue being executed and such is a seperate issue and I think it’d be best to avoid clogging this report and instead make a new one.

So you got caught for a second time, this time with clear proof of being a heretic, and was sentenced to execution.

OOC I am sorry about this, I love DANIEL and always enjoy playing with you.
IC there was a clear and obvious heretic on Orion’s station, one that had already escaped confinement once. I don’t see how this was an unreasonable call. I didn’t know IC or OOC that you weren’t hurting anyone, bud.

I do have to ask though, why did you choose execution in both cases? Pacification surgery/lethal implants/cyborgization would’ve worked fine too.

I’m not sure if I understand the question Wilson, are you asking why Orion would approve the execution of a confirmed heretic that had already escaped confinement once?
(note that this description works for both cases)

Yes, why execution over any other option.

Heretics under space law are inherently dangerous individuals to mankind.

well we had already tried confinement, so that was the first choice.
I literally found DANIEL not guilty of 405 EOTC initially. If that’s not proof of good faith I don’t know what is.

Thinking about it, it was an efficiency decision thing more than anything, we had not only the heretics to deal with, but also:

  • Spiders in sci
  • Holopara wielding maniacs
  • Blob
  • Sydney Shaw assaulting people as a security officer and then trying to turn the station into a democracy when she was demoted for it.

We tried to contain them. That didn’t work. Next we burned the heretics in good ol’ witch hunting fashion.
Should I work through each punishment in order in future?
It might result in a less fun round for the crew, since it will tie up security and the captain for about five times as long.
Or maybe a happy medium?
Maybe there should be a three strike rule codified in space law for heretics, we catch you once, brig! we catch you twice, pacification! Still doing nonsense? Execution.

Happy to hear alternatives, but please note that sometimes executing the heretic is what is best for the enjoyment of the majority of players, since security and command are a very precious resource for ensuring that the average crew member is not killed while they work on their personal projects.

This is a big mood for me. Whenever I hear that bwoink noise I sigh and look forward to the hours of justifying myself for my actions in a dumb space man game on the internet. You do good work Wilson, but I’m not here to break rules and cause problems. I’m here to have fun and try my best to help others have fun.
I’m going to bed now, I only ask that you take into account that I was making decisions in character the entire time and was playing Orion as a stickler for space law.

Both heretics were only executed after escaping confinement first.

Hello i was the officer that participated on the arrest of Emboes and the first arrest of DANIEL, I was the one who brought over Emboes in cuffs to Courtroom, since i knew Warden and Captain were there trial’ing DANIEL my intention was to stand next to Cap, whisper him that Emboes was an heretic that killed a scientist and was able to ASHN PASSG (obviously not that word) but before i could do that Emboes decided to shunt and ended up, funnily enough, next to DANIEL, that’s when i went inside that mini courtroom cell and dragged them into the middle to get Captain order, that’s when Captain said to ‘‘cremate them’’ and carried on the field execution which i also felt it was done to show DANIEL what was gonna happen if he actively pursued his heretic antics (at that point on the trial since Daniel caused no harm, as he mentioned above he only got charged with a low crime and got put on monitor) Rather than ‘‘burn him/cremate him’’ which i guess i feel it was a bit too much so i put them on the morgue trail and was gonna speak with Captain to consider others means, sadly a LOT happened on that round and i was never able to talk about that.

Also before arriving to court Emboes tried to ASHN PASSG three times to flee while cuffed but i got him, and when we were next to court about to arrive i told him that if he did it one more time i was gonna crit him, they were just gambling for an escape so that’s fair.

I feel like DANIEL got a good treatment that involved RP, despite having strong evidence that he was the heretic and ended up having a chance to bounce back, it was once he got freed and tried to do their things when we got the order to hunt him down, as for Emboes they just kinda got discovered the moment they murdered a poor scientist, we arrested him, they tried to ASH PASSG, got brought into court and the field execution happened once they teleported in front of 10 people that were present alongside me presenting the blade on the table on that same moment, i would’ve liked to give them another chance to bounce back into the round but that was Captain decision,i left them in the morgue trail to see if they would beep it so i could talk to Cap about alternatives for them, but as for Space Law goes we didn’t derail from it from what i witnessed.

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Alright, well.
As I stated before, the situation being reported was resolved in-round by me. The situation with Wuewue, after thinking about it, while not the best was also not uncalled for as by that point the station was in chaos.
As such I’ll be denying this report. However, I will ask @ColonelOrion to perhaps reconsider his stance on round removing people and not further propagating the current godawful antag-sec dynamic.