Orchids report

CKEY: Xeapor

Offender’s CKEY: Sgt_Solid01

Offender’s In-Game Name: Orchids

Server (Sage or Acacia): Sage

Date (MM-DD-YYYY): 09/08/2021

Round Number: 32565

Rules Broken: R8

Incident Description: As a ling, shot up the entire station without relative objectives.

Additional Information: He basically just shot everyone, even innocents that were just walking around. Just straight up murderbone

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All i ever seen orchid do is going loud, which isnt breaking the rule, you can go murder hobo vs sec and head. If you see him killing people, its your choice to either help sec fight him and possibly die, or just run/take cover. If you do the later and he still chase to murder you without objective, that can be reportable.

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Which is exactly what he did

Well then, lets wait for admeme to show up, or orchid himself to come here to explain

In her defense she only attacked security and those who directly blocked her away or opposed her. killing security as antagonist is allowed including any and all heads of staff iirc.

I was captain, and its fine to kill security/heads as antag, but from what I saw she shot at random people who were just standing there, nowhere near her.

from what i spectated she attacked people that were in her way but i might’ve missed those

Personally as Brig Phys in that round I’ve only seen her attack security and those who were on her way, she at some point went to the medbay and didn’t really attack any civilians, I did get shot multiple times by her but that was mostly because I was in the way, but yeah, we may want to hear admins and Orchids’ side on this.

With so many accounts saying she avoided innocents makes me think that maybe I was wrong. However I did personally have to carry the bodies of several non sec members to med.

I was observing that round and I can tell you for certain only ones that she attacked were legit bodyblocking when she was running away.

While Orchids is a very frequently aggressive antag I wouldn’t say it’s murderbone grade.

T. survived every encounter with orchids.


I observed that entire round and mostly Orchids too, many people were actually acting very weird and were either:

  1. shoving her for when she was shooting sec
  2. actively bodyblocking and/or following her around.

Ok sorry for my delayed response but my investigation has not sought out to just kill people onyl these who got in their way.
so this report will be denied and have a good day.