Opinions on virology

i’m making this to know what has been removed or things that might be a good addition to virology
i had an idea involving virology but since i don’t have experience with it and prefer much more botany, my opinions are lacking

i think zesko and i have taken some time to get away from the viro clan recently

but you will never forget the time

when you want a nice, innocent, peaceful, disease free round, but the viro clan said

“it feels like your lungs are shrinking”

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Virology in a nutshell.

Virologist: Hello their stranger

Literally everyone else: GET AWAY FROM HIM, VIRO MAN BAD!

Also, he gets lynched whenever a disease event happens. Or a traitor releases a virus. Or cargo.

Also gets screwed over by all antagonists who can teleport, since he’s isolated, and escaping from a locked room is hard.

Virology could have more to do than just “:m hurr regen coma!” screamed over radio at them. Possible additions could be:

  • Additional viruses to play with
  • New machine for them to work with
  • More efficient ways to transmit viruses
  • A way to make them look like they’re actually contributing to the entirety of medbay

Honestly, all Virology can do is release some good disease (and get lynched when people don’t realize it’s actually fucking good because MUH COFFIN MUH SNEZZIN) or just inject their monkeys with some deadly disease and laugh as they die. Virology also can just become a good antag hideout. When was the last time you checked Virology for something that wasn’t stealing an item? Knock knock, beno cult inbound.

Virology either makes a really fucking good healing virus, space AIDS, or some weird mix that isn’t neutered and kinda sucks, after 30 minutes to 1 hour of suffering from RNG mixing. Then you just drink in the bar for the rest of the round. It’s robust as hell and the results are dramatic, but really freaking boring to play through.

I’m late to the discussion but still. I have a couple of hours on viro and all I can say is that it’s just plain boring. Too many bad symptoms that do nothing or rather useless. Stats are too good on some symptoms and too bad on others to use. The template for any virus is super simple and you can’t move away from it since it’s just that good.

Once you figure how everything works you can create any virus with any symptoms from the scratch within 10 minutes (granted you have the materials like uranium and gold too). After screeching in coms about your regen coma you can just switch department as there’s nothing else to do.

Sentient desease will never win against you as your posi-virus will immediately override it. You don’t even have to fight any bad desease since you can just make virus with neutered lvl 1 symptoms that have absurd amount of stats.

So far my viro gameplay has been like this - make regen coma+starlight condensation (so they both have SS 7 for increased healing values) at min 15 IGN Time (mats from good miners come in at like min 12 when the first ash storm kicks in) and ask to switch departments as you have nothing to do.

Greytiding is also almost non-existant. I still remember the guy getting banned for a fucking voice change virus when it wasn’t even a trans 14 virus that makes you speak other languages. Hell, it feels like you can get bwoinked for not neutering sneezing.

So yeah, viro is kinda fun and really strong if you antag (which is fucking NEVER) but really boring otherwise.

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i think the highest flaw on virology is that literally EVERYONE can cure a disease by just scanning each other with health analyzers and seeing the cure and start chugging, rendering them useless 90% of the time.
a good idea is that: more symptoms, since it expands what the viro can do, since its kinda restricted to really bad or somewhat good to this point, or more types of unique viruses that could be cured or experimented to, so you can also benefit from that random disease spawn virus.
more machines is ehh, but i guess making viro more than “beaker on pandemic” is alright.
I personally like VG viro, but people think its too complex.

perhaps make it so that only the pandemic can see the disease cure, atleast…?

I think i should respond here

Viro is a strong job. 90% of it is memorizing virus recipes and 10% is knowing how to do it fast. However, it has a huge flaw in the fact that all symptoms are obtainable as soon as mining comes home with uranium, and how easy it is to just memorize the most optimal shit and ignore everything else.

I like the recipe mechanic though. The best way to improve it is more symptoms. About a month ago, me and moccha brainstormed symptoms to add- mostly just porting /vg/ shit. Vg viro is gay in that you dont really fuck with stats, you just wait and do rng shit. What i was thinking (and what i plan to make a code bounty for) was adding two new tiers of symptoms. Tier 9, which the deadliest and wackiest symptoms would be relegated to, very hard to obtain ( the only reliable way to obtain it being on Experimental Diseases), and tier 0, an undocumented list of symptoms reskinned from other tier 1-6 symptoms, with different effects, all quite wacky. Two experimental diseases would spawn in viro, along with one in hacked medivends, and virologists would be able to experiment with new and odd symptoms.

Fuck viro
bottom text

which is why the bounty nerfs the three deadliest viro symptoms

Ducatopod: Victim sweats lube, and leaves it at their feet.

God no, this is going to be painful. Guess we’ll die.

if you read it, it’s a very hard symptom to obtain

Tbh it’s like Confusion but worse to people who dont have the disewase