Opinions on cargo

I have spent too long pushes crates in the holy land and have become too disconnected from the average persons thoughts on Cargo

if you say anything bad i will come and sell your lungs


Really powerful early shift, gets more meh later in the shift when other departments like robotics/xeno/genetics start getting into gear.


Cargo is pretty cool on paper, but it really suffers from not really having enough to do. Aside from the occasional savvy CMO and bored engineers, Cargo doesn’t really have a role to fill. Just about everything Cargo sells can be easily acquired on the station or created by other means. I think the department would be a lot more interesting if they had much more powerful and exclusive items on hand that might make other departments want to actually buy things from them.

The only place where I’ve seen Cargo work is on CEV Eris, but that’s because that server actually has a functioning economy with departments needing to buy and sell things from each other to function. I know for a fact that half of this server would shit itself inside out if that level of inter-department cooperation was expected.


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