OOC in IC rule change

This really seems like something that should be in MRP and not LRP. Putting restrictions like preventing people from using terminology based around the game doesn’t make sense for LRP.

Also, since this is a newbie server, this would make it harder to help people. You can’t refer people to the wiki or tell them what to click on if you can’t reference out of character stuff.


The admin team is reconsidering at the moment, but input is welcome.

Even if something like LOOC is added, I don’t think OOC in IC rules have a place in a LRP server, especially since we have an MRP server. I would be fine with them in MRP, but I can’t think of any good reason to add them to the LRP server.

Yodeler, mind explaining to me how mentioning admins and bans is any sembelence of roleplay at all? Or copy pasting other peoples entire comms messages? Or screaming obscenities and murder / rape threats over comms constantly as some players are apt to doing?

I mean, the main issue for me with this rule was it would’ve also been enforced on the LRP server.

In any case, we are changing it to be less “NO OOC IN IC” and more “no telling someone ur ahelpin them,”

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One, this affects the LRP server too, where you shouldn’t be expecting heavy immersion. Beestation literally has a MRP server if you are looking for immersion.

Rape threats were already bannable.

Threatening to murder someone in game is super IC and wouldn’t be stopped by this rule, threatening to murder someone irl would probably already get you banned and should be reported to the police.

As for obscenities, I’m not sure what you’re talking about, racial slurs or just cursing. Both of these could be done IC. Neither of these would be prevented by the IC in OOC rule. I think racial slurs are already banned in MRP, and I would not have a problem with that rule being extended to LRP.

This would be a good fit for the MRP server, but not the LRP one.

I like the new rule, and I wouldn’t have a problem with the old one on MRP. Thanks kev.

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I also liked the rule for MRP, but seems like it ain’ happening soon.

I’ll see if I can push that forward though.

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While IC in OOC is frowned upon and gets you bwoinked, I never saw somebody get ahelped or bwoinked for OOC in IC (LRP).
It makes sense for MRP to have no OOC in IC, but for LRP. eh. Good thing it’s not enforced.

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