One last jojoke

It has been a great time on bee, had great times, many funny moments, and met a ton of nice people, i may not have been the nicest or the funniest but i hope you all had a great time, sadly it its my time to go, yes i may be appealing but either the decision being a yes or a no i dont feel like bee is my house anymore i have met other servers but its not the same, may leave ss13 as a whole in a week being.
point is i had a great time and i hope all of you did the same, lets not center about what it is now but about what it was didnt want to go whit a insult or a cry so here is a joke.


let’s go home.
meme part 3


->>>>>>>>> your goodbye message is a jojo meme



My one interaction with you was trying to stop you from stealing a Dispenser from Chemistry at round start. You told me you were doing this because you didn’t like the other Chemist, from previous rounds. I was surprised to see you only got 1 day for blatant metagrudging. If that interaction was any indication of your career on Bee, I’m surprised your perma didn’t come more quickly, to be honest.

EDIT: Sincerest apologies - I was thinking of Nancy Druid. You did not do the above.


While we’ve had a lot of unsavory interactions as of late I won’t forget the good times - Whenever you were chaplain and the round wasn’t going to shit, I did really enjoy giving you tasks and answering prayers. I definitely won’t forget the prayer to save your possessed blade when you were bleeding out. I’m pretty sure @TheMaggotGuy was the sword at the time.

Good luck out there, whether you settle into a different server or leave SS13 entirely.

For someone with 2 pages of bans I’m suprised this didn’t happen sooner.


I actually still have the logs from that.