One Billion Lions vs One of Every Pokemon

I haven’t asked bee forums yet

Are we counting legendaries? If so, then lions get the big dead. Arceus is literally a fucking god.


One Billion ““LIONS”” vs ME

I am robust enough to take them all down

I mean if we’re counting legendaries we get a tie, because magcargo kills yveltal by being 18000 degrees who then kills everything, so that’s a tie

That is true, but what about Fire Resistant Pokemon?

dude no he’d still be alive
pokemon win

Yveltal kills everything on the planet when it dies

the lions die, magcargo dies, yveltal dies for long enough to count.
if you had a ghost type with flash fire it might be fesable but that’s not a thing.

Doesn’t Yveltal fly? Couldn’t it just, fly away from the Lions.

wasn’t there a pokemon that was just absolutely hot normally?
Isn’t Charizards tail one of those kinds of things too?

the lions arent what’s killing yveltal in this instance, it’s the fact that the fire slug is literally twice the temperature of the sun and is probably within the same solar system as the death dragon

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True, but then we go onto the problem of how pokemon ever came to exist if maccargo exist.

lets not count legendaries or magcargo then.

also theres a moment in the anime that explains it

One Billion Lions vs one of almost every pokemon

I’m gonna go with my legendary Regigygax
Surely we can keep him in

Alright. If we aren’t counting pokemon that are automatic genocide machines, then I think Pokemon would still have it on top. What with the Tsunami makers and the Giant Fire Machines.

i mean regigias could yeet a continent at them, but it’s a billion lions. It would be overwhelmed eventually

Just crush all the lions with the continent yeeter.

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Yes so it’s fair to include him in.

lions could ladder over the tsunami
giant fire machines follow the same problem as magcargo in that they accidentally friendly fire the entire pokemon force too
also some pokemon have drizzle, making it rain and putting out the fire types
and a billion lions have more surface area combined than most continents, especially in pokemon, therefore regigigas would be overwhelmed at some point

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I think you overestimate just how much mass 1 billion lions is. All 7 billion humans dont even fill a fraction of the grand canyon, and cant even get over it’s height. Even if we’re generous and say a lion is double the size of a human they are still incredibly small in the face of an entire continent.