On Wallslams

As far as I know we’re the only server that has it and to say they’re controversial is to put it mildly. To define wallslams: you get stunned and suffer brute damage by moving into a wall in certain situations. They occur when confused (eg Resonant Shriek, flashes, head trauma) and when slipped by Space Lube.

It’s made Resonant Shriek into one of the best abilties in the game and made Changelings generally resented as cancer to play against. Flashes are one of the best self-defence and antag weapons since you can use it from several tiles away and leave multiple people stunned. Space Lube is little used by clowns on this server unless antag because due to the wallslam it’s basically griefing and can leave people a bloody mess even trying to get out of the lubed area.

Basically put: wallslams are overpowered, and I say that as someone who abuses this stuff as much as the next guy. Like this message if you agree and leave your thoughts below.


They’re a good concept for buffing CC items in the game. However they were implemented in a way that is far too punishing to the average player. Should they be removed fully? Probably not. Should they do something like deal stamina damage instead? Probably.

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Swapping stun for a knockdown and brute damage for stamina is a lot better I’ll give you that, though I’m still concerned it might not go far enough.

The problem before was that resonant shriek and flashes were absolutely useless, removing wallslams entirely returns them to a similar state

if resonant shriek were to instantly do stun it’d still be pretty OP since it bypasses earmuffs and sunglasses/sec headsets

Remove brute damage and prevent stun from happening a second time within a given time period. I doubt anyone slams into a wall or door twice in a row after getting up IRL.